3 New Travel-Related Books to Keep You Inspired

These are some of our favorite new reads.

By Veronica Inveen

Sep 9, 2020

Your new eco-bible

Green-up your travel style with insider tips and no-brainer guides.

IT’S EASY TO WISH for a greener travel industry, but we all know it’s up to individual travelers—i.e. us—to shape the kind of sustainable future we want to see. The Green Edit: Travel by Juliet Kinsman outlines just how we as independent travelers can lessen our impact and create positive change, even on luxury getaways. The book contains guides on everything from the most energy-efficient types of aircraft to how to cure an addiction to miniature hotel toiletries, drawing on Kinsman’s 20 years of travel journalism and pivotal role consulting luxury-hotels guide Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The Green Edit: Travel, published by Ebury Press, is available from September 10, for US$12.35.

Finger-lickin’ fusion

The sophomore act from pastry chef Jason Licker gives Western desserts an Asian spin.

AS YOU WOULD EXPECT from a cookbook called Baking with Licker, this collection of rejigged desserts assumes a somewhat irreverent tone, both literally and in its treatment of classic pastry recipes. American chef Licker, winner of Iron Chef Thailand in 2014, infuses more than 50 popular Western desserts with ingredients indigenous to Asia in the ultimate fusion for sweet-toothed foodies. Expanding upon Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker, which was nominated for a James Beard Award, the follow-up’s colorful format and playful banter make following the recipes easy and fun. Meanwhile, its mouthwatering mash-ups—delights like peanut-butter- and-miso cookies, Thai tea rolls and yuzu cheesecake—take your taste buds on a journey around the region, even if the rest of you has to stay put. Baking with Licker is available now on or for US$39.99.

How to lockdown in luxury

Recreate fancy #hotellife at home while still supporting the industry.

MISSING PISCO SOURS, sunset tunes and lemongrass-scented spa days? A pair of hotel-loving friends has created the perfect remedy. Kissa Castañeda and Alex Seitz have curated Checking In: Bringing The Hotel Home, a collection of hallmark experiences and inspirations from 35 luxury hotels and resorts around the globe. Speaking to designers, mixologists, chefs and CEOs, the book breaks down key touchpoints from every property that you can DIY at home—whip up a bowl of Amanpuri’s crab curry, host a Hoshinoya Kyoto–style tea ceremony, cue up a Desa Potato Head sunset session and even go on virtual safari. All proceeds from the book go to organizations supporting hospitality workers affected by COVID- 19. Find out more, make a donation, and download your copy at

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