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4 New Hobbies to Pick UP on Your Next Staycation

If you’ve ever dreamed of mastering calligraphy, drumming or gardening—all while staying in style—Capella Singapore has you covered.

Dec 15, 2020

EVEN THOUGH GLOBAL TRAVEL options may still be limited, travelers are finding ways to satiate their inner curiosity and yearning for discovery by learning something new. With that in mind, Capella Singapore has crafted a series of educational journeys for guests to elevate staycations at the fabulous five-star resort.

Learn the Art of Calligraphy with Montblanc

One surprise silver lining of the pandemic is that thoughtful, handwritten letters and cards are on the rise. In our fast-paced, technologically driven world of Zoom, email, WeChat, WhatsApp and social media, more and more people are craving a more personal, analog form of human connection. At this special workshop provided by Montblanc, the maker of some of the world’s most highly regarded luxury writing implements, guests can discover how to express themselves through the ancient art of calligraphy.

Available on December 18, 2pm – 4pm

Jam with an Award-Winning Drummer

Few activities are as cathartic and energizing as drumming. If you’ve always longed to discover your musical side, this workshop guided by award-winning local drummer Mr. Er Chow Kiat is sure to be inspiring. Get your groove on while learning about basic drum theory and techniques firsthand. 

Available on December 8, 15, 24 and 31 from 11am – 12pm and 12pm – 1pm

Grow Your Own Organic Produce

For gourmands, locavore cuisine is the ultimate luxury these days. Not only does locally grown, seasonal produce taste better, but it also aligns with growing global sensitivity towards sustainability. In this series of workshops from Edible Garden City, participants will learn all about the basics of organic farming, how to grow microgreens at home, how to homebrew kombucha, and so much more. In the process, you’ll learn all about eco-friendly urban food systems and how to reduce the carbon footprint of cities.

Available on December 17, 4pm – 5pm

Embark on an Adventure with Wildlife Reserves Singapore

For anyone who has ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with charismatic critters, The Zoo Comes to Capella with Dr. Ooz is sure to delight. In this exclusive presentation, guests will get acquainted with native animal species such as the oriental pied hornbill, the pangolin, and the reticulated python. In Zoo Careers with Wildlife Reserves, guests can virtually meet some of the dedicated veterinarians, wildlife nutritionists and zookeepers at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The Zoo Comes to Capella will be available on December 16 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm in the Capella Grand Ballroom.

From DIY Body Scrubs to Scented Candle Workshops, look forward to an exciting year of #CapellaMoments with your loved ones. For more information on Capella Singapore’s Resort Activities, check our their brochure here.

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