For Sale: 4 Gorgeous Private Islands in Asia-Pacific Under $1 Million

Who wants to buy a private island? We do! Check out this tropical real estate list and tell us you’re not ready to plunk down for your own piece of paradise.

Buy Private Island : Molono Island, Vanuatu

Molono Island, Vanuatu. Courtesy of Private Island

By Neil Armstrong

Aug 19, 2022

TIME TO CASH IN your retirement fund, own a piece of paradise, and go native? Ever dreamed of opening a resort? Once you buy your own private island, everything is possible. The question is, which one’s for you?

Whether you want to laze on a beach and buy some me-time, snorkel in pristine surrounds, watch the sun sink into the ocean from your balcony, go surfing, or simply enjoy the serenity, we’ve got your private-island paradise right here. And as an added sweetener, all of these tropical idylls come in under a cool million.

Molono Island

(4.2 acres / 1.7 hectares)

Buy Private Island : Molono Island, Vanuatu
Molono Island, Vanuatu. Courtesy of Private Island

Splendid isolation is the best way to describe Vanuatu. A flight just shy of three hours from Brisbane, Australia, will get you to this bucolic Pacific paradise composed of 83 islands. 

Molono Island is a short boat trip from the main Island of Espiritu Santo and is a haven of peace and tranquility. A cottage is situated just a few steps from a private beach. Meaning: you could basically roll out of bed into clear, blue tropical waters. Turtles are regular visitors and if you are lucky, you could also meet one of the dugongs who occasionally pass by.

Green Bay Island

(15 acres / 6 hectares)

Buy Private Island : Green Bay Island, The Philippines
Green Bay Island, Philippines. Courtesy of Private Island

With more than 7,000 islands across the archipelago, there’s bound to be one to suit you. From massive to miniature, uninhabited to bustling, you can bet your bikini or boardshorts there’s a good chance it’ll be sandy with swaying palms. 

Green Bay Island, in Roxas, Palawan, has 15 acres of titled property in one of the most gorgeous spots in the Philippines. A white-sand beach encircles the island, with abundant coconut and talisai (tropical almond) trees growing throughout. And fresh water is available via an underground source, making it a great spot to develop into an island resort if you’re so inclined.

French Polynesia
Motu Moute

(1 acre / 0.4 hectare)

Buy Private Island : Motu Moute, French Polynesia
Motu Moute, French Polynesia. Courtesy of Private Island

Islands can rarely be described as cute, but Motu Moute, along with sounding like a fun cartoon character, fits the bill well. At a scant 1 acre, situated in a picturesque lagoon, with white sand, plenty of trees, and simple huts-cum-cottages already built, it could almost be ribbon-wrapped.

It’s a paradise for water lovers in general, ideal for windsurfers, kiters and those with a passion for fishing. Big marlin abound in these waters. And there’s no problem obtaining a building permit, as long as plans comply with Tahitian building codes.

Camarines Norte

(32 acres / 13 hectares)

Buy Private Island : Camarines Norte, The Philippines.
Camarines Norte, Philippines. Courtesy of Viviun

If ever there was a bargain island, this has to be it. With a whopping 32 acres at low tide—though 20 acres at high, so definitely keep to those set-back rules—its surrounding waters are great for scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The nearby islands are owned and have been redeveloped by millionaires for their private vacation hotspots.

Included here is a small one-bedroom beach house, and while not quite comparable to the neighbors’, this one is meters from the ocean. The island boasts a natural spring water source and lush tropical fruits. It’s conveniently located 30 minutes by boat from the mainland of Camarines Norte, Bicol Region.


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