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5 Reasons Why the Maldives Belongs at the Top of Your 2021 Travel List

Sun, sand and plenty of space for social distancing—paradise is looking pretty good these days.

Dec 14, 2020

WITH ITS DREAMY BEACHES AND WATERS teeming with whale sharks, manta rays, and other marine life, the Maldives has long been considered a bucket-list-worthy destination. If you’ve never made the trip, here’s why now might just be the right time to do it.

Because this archipelago of 1,190+ islands in the Indian Ocean is nothing short of stunning.

Pearl-white sands, languidly waving palm trees, azure waves and biodiverse coral reefs for days—this oasis of natural beauty can inspire a sense of wonder in even the most seasoned world traveler. No wonder Forbes and other top publications listed it as one of the top destinations of the coming year. 

Because the Maldives was recently awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Safety is a top priority for travelers these days, which is why the local government and hospitality industries in the Maldives have taken the utmost precautions against COVID-19. Thankfully, stringent rule enforcement and careful management mean that visitors to the archipelago can enjoy peace of mind. Low population density and separate islands also naturally aids in social distancing measures, further reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

Because the “one island, one resort” concept is perfect for right now.

If you’ve ever fantasized about channeling your inner Robinson Crusoe, you’re in luck. Many of the high-end resorts here occupy their own private islands, meaning you can enjoy the utmost privacy and seclusion. You’ll never have to worry about crowded beaches and safely social distancing is the easiest thing in the world.

Because special travel insurance is available to cover your trip.

While many travelers feel uneasy committing to plane tickets and fixed reservations during these times, the Maldivian tourism ministry recently announced a special set of affordable travel insurance policies. With either Allied Inbound and Allied Inbound Plus, travelers can rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event of a positive COVID test during their stay, charges for medical treatment, isolation and emergency medical transportation will be covered. 

Because the Maldives Border Miles program launches this month. 

Travelers who visit the Maldives almost always want to return. Now, there’s even more incentive to do so. The Maldives Border Miles is a unique three-tiered tourism loyalty program. Visitors can earn points for crossing a border, celebrating a honeymoon, wedding or birthday, and trips during special local occasions, among other things. As travelers progress from Aida (bronze tier) to Anantara (silver tier) to Abaarana (gold tier), they will unlock all sorts of special benefits and perks.


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