9 Eco-friendly Items to Pack on Your Next Trip

While we’ve all been dreaming of getting back to the beach, newly thriving marine environments are perhaps less eager to have us humans return. But we needn’t always muck up the waters. Here’s a guide to how you can make your next sojourn to the shore more sustainable. By Carolyn Beasly.

Jun 26, 2020

1. Freostyle Turkish Towel

Courtesy of Freostyle Turkish Towel.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and requires less water to produce than many other fibers. These super-absorbent beach towels are hand-loomed in traditional weaving villages in Turkey and incorporate 70 percent bamboo. freostyle.com; from A$35.

2. Vilo Eyewear

Courtesy of Vilo Eyewear.

Made from certified sustainable sources of maple, zebrawood, walnut and bamboo, Vilo Eyewear wooden sunglasses look good and do good. Donate your old plastic sunnies to help those in developing countries and receive a discount on your Vilo purchase. viloeyewear.com; from A$69.

3. Manda Reef-Safe Organic Sunscreen

Courtesy of Manda Reef-Safe Organic Sunscreen.

Sunscreen chemicals can damage corals, and not all “reef safe” products are really proven safe. Choose a zinc oxide–based product with “non-nano” sized particles, like Manda organic sunscreen. Manda includes thanaka, a traditional natural sunscreen from Burma, and comes in a biodegradable sugarcane package. mandanaturals.com; from US$28.

4. Bare & Co Lunch Box

Sample local street food without adding to disposable-plastic problems. Bring your own take-out box, like this one from Bare & Co, made from food-grade aluminum and topped with a bamboo lid, which handily doubles as a chopping board. thewellstore.com.au; from A$33.

5. Peony Swimwear

Cut a fine figure and feel great about it in Peony Swimwear, made from recycled materials such as used fishing nets, carpets and discarded fabric that may otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. peonyswimwear.com; separates from A$70.

6. Will and Bear Panama Hat

Feeling shady? This versatile Panama hat by Will and Bear is made from recycled-paper straw, trimmed with natural cotton. But sport whatever style suits you: they’ll plant 10 trees for each hat sold. willandbear.com; from A$99.

7. Mazu Resort Wear Boardshorts

Courtesy of Mazu Resortwear.

The Hong Kong team at Mazu Resortwear has slapped a 1986 photograph of Tai Long Wan Bay across these cheerful men’s boardshorts. They’re made from Econyl, a 100-percent recycled fabric, for the ethically minded. mazuresortwear.com; HK$1,200, available from July.

8. Indosole Flip-Flops

Tires take thousands of years to decompose and are often burned, generating harmful toxins. Indosole flip-flops are made from discarded tires and sustainably grown rubber in an ethical workshop in Indonesia—plus they’re non- skid! Great for the pool or rainy season. indosole.com.au; from A$45.

9. Steripen Ultralight

Courtesy of Steripen Ultralight.

No clean water to fill your reusable drinking bottle? Avoid disposable plastic bottles with the nifty Steripen Ultralight, which uses UV light to sterilize a liter of tap water in just 90 seconds. outdoorlife.com.sg/steripen-ultralight-uv-water-purifier.html; from S$159.

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