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An Inside Look at How This Hotel In Manila Keeps Guests Safe

The five-star Solaire goes the extra mile when it comes to health and hygiene precautions.

Solaire Hotels & Resorts

Aug 27, 2021

AN INTEGRAL PART OF ANY FIVE-STAR EXPERIENCE is total comfort—which includes being able to enjoy your stay without any worries. As part of its Solaire Is Safe for You campaign, Solaire, a luxe resort, dining destination and casino in the heart of Manila, has implemented a host of state-of-the-heart safety and hygiene precautions. Thanks to these stringent measures, Solaire has joined the ranks of the world’s safest hotels by becoming Sharecare Health Security Verified with Forbes Travel Guide. Here are just a few of the ways in which the hotel goes above and beyond.

The Latest Tech Means You Can Breathe Easy


In order to make sure that the air throughout Solaire is safe and free from COVID-19, the hotel upgraded its state-of-the-art air-filtration system as early as July of the previous year with high-performing UVC technology considered to be the benchmark in sterilization. Since the property’s unveiling of their latest facility upgrade in October, it has been fully operational to ensure the outstanding quality of air in 100% of the property – from the team member offices, every hallway, both hotel towers, as well as the entirety of the casino, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and guest areas – circulates regularly and free from any possible contamination. And while Solaire’s exceptionally trained cleaning staff do an impeccable job, they also get a little extra help these days from the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000, a contactless, fully automated floor cleaning robot.

Dine with Peace of Mind

Dinner at a fabulous restaurant should be a pleasure and completely free of stress, which is why social distancing protocols are in place here and guests can order via contactless QR code menus. Regular deep cleanings using Diversey’s Suma J512, electrostatic sprayer, and UVC light ensure that tables and chairs remain free of any possible viral particles. Here, you can focus on the sumptuous cuisine in comfort.

Nothing Is Left to Chance

From plexiglass shields to social distancing floor markers, every little detail at Solaire adds up to a safer guest experience. In keeping with the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or Hygiene Science Inc.’s Hygiene Pro, staff meticulously disinfect and clean every frequently touched surface daily. UVC light technology is used as an extra precaution to eliminate any possible remaining traces of COVID-19. Staff use a luminometer to test surfaces just to be absolutely certain.

Gaming Is a Worry-Free Affair

The thrill of gaming is back in a safe, responsible way, thanks to a host of new safety measures. Playing cards, currency, poker chips, and other frequently handled objects all get rigorously disinfected using a UVC light scanner. All of the tables and slot machines have been moved in order to meet social distancing guidelines and every room is routinely sanitized and cleaned from top to bottom. That means all you have to focus on here is the game at hand.

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