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Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong lives for the thrill of long plane flights; the allure of peeling back searing hot tinfoil to see what, masquerading as cuisine, lies beneath. Handing over fist-fulls of cash for excess baggage, due to an ongoing addiction to quality camera gear, is always fun for him too.

Neil is a news junkie re: geo-political developments, travel, aviation, tech & business. He believes curiosity is key.

In between such pleasures he writes - Which, according to Neil, is the most fun you can have by yourself, with your clothes on. He covers travel, water activities, business, leisure & wellness + food & drink.

Neil is proficient in pushing buttons on a magic picture box & have done so in a wide variety of conditions, climates & countries. He's photographed 25+ front covers for various publications so far.

He's also had experience wrangling groups of writers, photographers & translators into a team working to publishing deadlines. And assures us no contributors were harmed in the making of titles he's worked on. Though blood, sweat, swearing and tears may have been shed to varying degrees.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The Most Surprisingly Stunning Seaside Spots in Asia to Watch Both Sunrise and Sunset

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Hanoi Paragliding


If Your Friends Jump Off a Cliff, Yes, You Should Too

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Bay of Fires Lodge

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New #VacationGoal: Learn Hold Your Breath for Five Minutes Under Water

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Fraser Island : Australia's Biggest, Best and Sandiest

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Surf Resorts in Asia: Nihi Sumba

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4 Resorts in Asia Where Surf Comes With a Side of Luxury

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Rishikesh Yoga


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Best Seaplane Flights in Asia: Trans Maldivian Airways


6 of the Best Seaplane Flights in Asia

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Kavalan Taiwanese gin

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Are You Drinking Taiwanese Gin Yet? Here’s Why It Should Be in Your Liquor Cabinet

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