Desperate for Travel? Tour an Airport or Bring a 5-Star Hotel to Your House

Oh, the places you won’t go. By Siree Yaviraj

Jun 16, 2020

If you find yourself missing those pre-flight jitters a little too much, you can now satiate your travel hankering by taking a tour of Taiwan’s Songshan Airport with their ‘vacations to nowhere’ sweepstakes. 

Up to 90 people will be randomly selected through a Facebook sweepstakes to tour the airport in Taipei during three sessions in July. The experience will reenact everything from going through immigration to boarding and disembarking a plane. You can even get in some duty-free shopping.

Deputy Director of Taipei Songshan Airport Chih-ching Wang told CNN that the tours will take half a day and are a good opportunity for people with less airport experience to learn more about the boarding process.

Taiwan closed its borders in March as the pandemic became more severe and has banned all incoming foreigners since. 

Meanwhile, lebua Hotels & Resorts in Bangkok is ready to transport its entire five-star experience into your home with its new “Hotel to Home” package.

You’ll be able to make use of the hotel’s babysitter while dining on a multi-course meal prepared by the chef from one of the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurants–Ryuki Kawaski from Mezzaluna or chef Vincent Thiery from Chef’s Table. Choose to have a personal sommelier or bartender keep your thirst quenched throughout the night.

The hotel’s florist will transform your home into a bloom-filled haven while your personal butler is there to take care of turndown services. 

If you needed a reason to switch out of your WFH sweatsuit, this is it.

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