Cut off from visitors until the 1970s, Bhutan's untouched beauty is otherworldly with centuries-old monasteries tucked in mountainsides and magnificently rugged terrain. The country requires an obligatory tourist tariff (of $250 a day), so many people visit using a tour company or private guide, however, if you stay at one of the many new luxury hotels, you won't have a problem hitting the daily spend.


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Bhutan's diverse altitudes make for a widely varied climate. Monsoon season starts in June until August, but showers happen sporadically year-round. From September until November, skies are their clearest, but springtime brings vibrant wildflowers. Winter, December to February, A thick blankets of snow turns the country into a wonderland during winter, December to February, but also means road closures and frigid temperatures below zero at night.

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Get inspiration from isolation with a venerated Bhutanese monk.

Shooting Bhutan on Film

If taking pictures old school on a roll of film is a way to slow things down, is there a better place to shoot than Bhutan, a nation partly rooted in a different era and yet also far ahead on the learning curve?

Destination Paro

Turns out Bhutan’s second city offers more excitement than magnificent tiger’s nest and the world’s most dangerous airport approach.

Slow Life in Bhutan

While Bhutan continues its march to modernity, many parts of the country are in no hurry to catch up. Lester V. Ledesma mounts an expedition into the eastern frontier.

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