Embark on a Family Adventure with Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch

Lounge, work, and lie flat for sleeping with this innovative offering.

Air New Zealand: Skycouch Infant Pod

Skycouch Infant Pod

Oct 18, 2022

AS AIRLINES INTRODUCE ever more comfortable offerings, Air New Zealand makes family travel a breeze onboard with its Economy Skycouch, a row of three seats that easily converts into a flat surface for rest, relaxation and play.

This sofa in the sky gives families or couples the flexibility to travel in a way never before possible in Economy. The best thing about its multi-functionality is that guests can use the Skycouch in any way they want and convert it as they wish throughout their flights. 

Air New Zealand

Sprawl out and catch up on your favorite shows by day, use it as a traditional seat at mealtimes and to complete work, then lie down completely flat and take an afternoon nap or sleep peacefully throughout the entire night. 

Each of the three chairs in the seat position includes a unique footrest that can be lifted halfway to elevate legs, preventing the uncomfortable aspect of keeping your legs in one position on long flights.

Air New Zealand: Economy Skycouch
Economy Skycouch

Air New Zealand especially recommends their world’s first Skycouch for families and reports that children find the couch as comfortable as they do entertaining. It offers them space for sleeping, gameplay, lounging, and everything that kids love to do.

It’s also as safe as traditional seating for those traveling with young children. Air New Zealand always has onboard Skycouch infant harnesses, harness belts, and optional infant pods. This means that, whether your little one is on a seat, on your lap, or lying down, they can be safely buckled at any time.

The Skycouch is a budget-friendly way to add a little luxury to Economy. The cost is lower than what you would pay for three seats, with all the benefits of a three-seater couch in the sky. 

Inflight Skycough, Air New Zealand
Inflight Skycouch

As you’d expect, the price of the Skycouch depends on how many people will be using it. If one person books the Skycouch, they’ll pay a higher fee than if two people occupied it and prices vary depending on the route and demand.

New Zealand is a family-friendly destination, offering a wide variety of activities for kids. No matter which region or itinerary you choose, there is so much for young explorers to choose from. Whether they love cultural experiences, like learning about Māori living or the history of the country, or outdoor adventures from engaging with wildlife to enjoying nature, there’s always something unforgettable for little ones to love. 

Kayaks and dolphins at Kaikoura, New Zealand
Kayaks and dolphins at Kaikoura, New Zealand. Courtesy of Kaikoura Kayaks

In addition to being more comfortable and flexible, traveling to New Zealand also just got easier, thanks to Air New Zealand’s alliance with Singapore Airlines. Together, they provide direct access to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, seamless connections to over 20 domestic destinations within New Zealand, and access to some of the most exciting and idyllic destinations across the South Pacific.

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All photos courtesy of Air New Zealand.

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