Family Fun is the Ticket in Mauritius

From zip-lining to whale-watching, Mauritius offers thrills for every member of the family

Baby Twins on the beach of Mauritius Island

Photo by Alexey Aryutov/500px/Getty Images/Canva

Sep 20, 2022

IT’S TIME TO DISCOVER — or rediscover — Mauritius. The African island nation is open and ready to reveal its endless horizons and beautiful bounty to visitors of all ages. 

Known as a melting pot of cultures, it’s long been a destination with more to offer than meets the eye. There are adventure itineraries for adrenaline junkies, spa destinations for wellness aficionados, and high-tech facilities ready to welcome MICE groups. 

Family on the paddleboard at Mauritius
Photo by Alexey Aryutov/500px/Getty Images/Canva

But the country is especially perfect for families. Whether your children are infants or teenagers, there are unforgettable experiences for visitors of every age in the pretty paradise. 

Safety First

Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita
Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita. Courtesy of Four Seasons

The tiny nation was among the first tourist destinations to begin serious retraining after the global pandemic. From a complete vaccination of professionals working in tourism locations to new deep cleaning protocols, Mauritius takes safety and hygiene for your family as seriously as you do. 

In addition, over the last few years, many resorts invested extra resources into training their staff on more advanced safety protocols designed to keep guests as safe as possible at all times. 

The country is also a great place to travel with infants. It has an extensive range of child-friendly hotels, which offer the use of large ranges of baby equipment, and many provide nanny services as well. 

Outdoor Adventures

Kiting in Mauritius
Kiting in Mauritius. Photo by Alexey Aryutov/500px/Getty Images/Canva

If you have older kids and teenagers that love to feel the wind in their hair, parasailing outings let them feel the thrill of the sky while also getting a bird’s eye view of the island’s beautiful beaches and aquamarine waters.

Those who want to get closer to the water will love wakeboarding in Mauritius’s shallow, crystal-clear lagoons. A sport that blends water-skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, teens and older kids love the thrill of being pulled along by a motorboat, laughing with delight. 

SUP at Mauritius Island
Courtesy of Mauritius Now

For a more low-key watersport, stand-up paddleboarding fits the bill and can be an excellent way to enjoy slow travel as you watch the action along the shore. It’s also easy to seat smaller kids at the front of your board to enjoy the waves together. 

For land-loving kids, e-bikes are a great way to explore the coastline, interior and nature parks without getting too winded in the process. From discovering sleepy villages and sugarcane fields to the spectacular views propelled by pedal power, you’ll enjoy an afternoon to remember for years to come. 

Seeing Sea Creatures

Whale Watching at Mauritius Island
Whale Watching. Courtesy of Mauritius Now

If your kids are itching to get up close with the gorgeous creatures of the sea, Mauritius is famous for its whale-watching expeditions. These calm and soothing activities help kids to get into a calming headspace as they scan the horizon for the giant, gentle beasts. 

The west coast is perfect for catching sight of sperm and humpback whales, playing together and showing off for passersby. 

Courtesy of Odysseo Oceanarium

For a similar experience indoors, head to Odysseo Oceanarium in the capital of Port Louis. The marine education destination emphasizes conservation and offers shark encounters, stingrays feedings, and virtual reality marine life experiences. 

No matter how you enjoy Mauritius with your family, the memories will leave you smiling for years to come. 

To learn more, visit for all updated information about the island.


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