Meet Your New Favorite Bangkok Bar

BKK Social Club brings the smooth glam and cocktail culture of Buenos Aires to the Chao Phraya

By Veronica Inveen

Dec 16, 2020

NO ONE COULD EVER ACCUSE BANGKOK of having a shortage of bars. But many an evening we’ve found ourselves grasping for, you know, that precisely perfect place. A glam lounge with a rolicking vibe. Integrated and greenery-draped outdoor spaces. Cocktails you can drink all night, because they’ve not only been so thoughtfully crafted but also so smartly priced. Riverfront but centrally located. Personality, pep, provisions… and a gathering spot for all our varied crews.

The good people at Four Seasons knew what we’ve been looking for: turns out, it’s Buenos Aires. And they’ve delivered it to us in the beating heart of their brand-new hotel. “The lives of people in Buenos Aires and Bangkok revolve around social gatherings. That enthusiasm is what binds us together and makes both cities such great destinations,” says beverage manager and semi-professional globetrotter Philip Bischoff. “BKK Social Club celebrates that in a glamorous, vibrant and spirited way.”

Philip Bischoff, beverage manager

We are most definitely enthused. Philip is ranked No. 1 in Thailand and No. 21 in the world by Drinks International for the Bar World’s Most Influential Figures, and his menu is just one temptress after another. Evita brings the charisma, with Plantation Pineapple rum, Campari, Aperol, citrus, bay leaf and cinnamon. Dance all night to Milongas, a seductively drinkable blend of Monkey 47 gin and Monkey 47 sloe gin, Rosella Mancino Bianco Vermouth, London Essence Indian tonic water. Think bigger is better? Order one of their signature bottles cocktails; the Social Negroni is a crowd pleaser. Want to keep it simple? Sample from among the long list of artisan spirits–most go great on the rocks.

You might not necessarily be familiar with the name AvroKO, but top-tier barflies will surely recognize their touch. The globally renowned design firm has brought the bling, ensconcing green velvet banquettes, a gilt bar and chandeliers flowing with ferns inside a high-ceilinged hall that sings grand old Argentine architecture–an aesthetic you’ll note immediately from the colonnades in the two courtyards. One is the haunt of cigar aficionados, the other, the bubbly set. That big bowl cradling bottles of grower Champagnes is enough to make us swoon.

Luckily, BKK Social Club’s kitchen more than staves off any lightheadedness–it’s a reason to visit in its own right. Book yourself a booth and tell everyone where the party’s at. Actually, after the first visit, they’ll know where to find you. Flittering about the social hub the City of Angels has long been waiting for.


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