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Going Stir-Crazy? Escape With a Virtual Tour of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand offers a little dose of escapism.

By Veronica Inveen

Apr 23, 2020

THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE you’ve been hunkered down for more than a month now. Have you formed into the shape of your sofa yet? Gotten complaints from your downstairs neighbor for jumping around while attempting to follow a 20-minute HIIT workout on Youtube? Thanked the Silicone Valley Gods for the invention of Chromecast? No? Yeah, umm… us either. We’re fine. Totally productive and very normal. *Eye twitch*

Thankfully, Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched new virtual tours of some of the country’s most interesting historic sites and parks, so you can get inspired and cultured while (still) sliding deeper into your couch. In all seriousness, we are thankful for the reminder that there is a big, awesome world out there waiting for us when this is all over. 

So far, the 3-D tours cover 10 attractions across nine different provinces. But don’t expect to visit hot spots like Bangkok’s Grand Palace, this campaign highlights some of the lesser-known gems to inspire your next trip to Thailand. 

For nature buffs, head to Chanthaburi for a jaunt through Kung Krabaen Bay mangrove forest. Or, stroll Khmer temples (some of the biggest in the country) in Nakhon Ratchasima at Phimai Historical Park

We were impressed by Samut Songkhram’s tree-entangled Wat Bang Kung, which looks worthy of a feature in Tomb Raider or Indian Jones. But you can also explore Nakhon Si Thammarat’s shadow puppet museum, Ban Nang Talung Suchart Subsin, for a different dose of culture.  

Head to Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Facebook page for a full roundup of the tours on offer. They promise to continuously add more sites over the next couple of months.


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