This Business Class-Only Airline Wants to Fly You Around the World in 22 Days

Like an around-the-world cruise, except on a stunning aircraft with lie-flat beds.

La Compagnie

Courtesy of La Compagnie

By Dobrina Zhekova

Apr 20, 2022

HOW MUCH IS A PRIVATE JET around the world? A lot more reasonable than you’d think when sharing it with 75 other passengers. La Compagnie is a France-based business class-only airline, and they’re moving into Four Seasons and Aman territory with their around-the-world Air Cruise.

Going on an around-the-world cruise is, irrefutably, one of the ultimate luxury travel goals. Discovering far-flung countries, communities, and cultures during a single trip is an exhilarating adventure, albeit one that typically takes months to complete. So, if you’ve always dreamed of circumnavigating the globe but don’t necessarily have half-a-year’s worth of vacation days to spare (or perhaps get seasick easily), consider La Compagnie‘s new Air Cruise.

The French airline teamed up with Safrans du Monde, a luxury travel agency, to offer an all-inclusive (and ultra-exclusive) world tour with a bespoke itinerary of must-visit destinations, guided tours, and stays in the best hotels around the world.

La Compagnie interior, business class only private jet around the world
Ultra-soft matters toppers sleeper seats. Courtesy of La Compagnie

The Air Cruise launches in Paris where guests will board La Compagnie airline A321neo plane, which features only 76 business-class-style sleeper seats. Ultra-soft mattress toppers, free in-flight Wi-Fi, and gourmet chef-prepared meals paired with the finest wines and Champagne are some of the high-end onboard amenities that will make this trip unforgettable.

The first stop of your world journey will be bustling Mexico City. From there, you’ll head further west to Hawaii and then south to Fiji. Up next, you’ll sail in the fjords of the Southern Alps in New Zealand and discover the picturesque city of Hobart in Tasmania. Then, your private jet will take you to Perth to experience all that this beautiful Australian city has to offer. Relax in the turquoise waters of the Maldives before you fly to Rwanda for a memorable gorilla trek.

Southern Alps and Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, business class only private jet la compagnie around the world
Southern Alps and Lake Tekapo. Photo by DmitryPichugin/Canva
A relaxing gorilla in Rwanda, business class only private jet la compagnie around the world
A relaxing gorilla in Rwanda. Photo by JackBerglund/Getty Images/Canva

The La Compagnie itinerary is optimized such that, on travel days, you’ll spend only a few hours on the airline (not that it’s such a big deal when you’re in business class), giving you plenty of time to explore each destination. And of course, since you’re essentially on a private jet, lengthy layovers or overcrowded planes become a thing of the past.

La Compagnie airline offering two business class-only around-the-world jet packages Club Safrans (rates start at €39,000), which includes all of your lodging at five-star hotels; and Premiere Safrans (rates start at €62,000), which also offers exclusive excursions at each destination — and add a three-night stay in Paris to your itinerary for an additional fee. The tour leaves on November 5, 2022 and ends on November 26, and you can book here.

La Compagnie


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