MAC Has Launched Limited-Edition Lipsticks Inspired by Travel in Asia

Get ready to paint these towns red… and rose… and dirty, dirty peach.

By David Ngo

Jul 16, 2021

WHAT COLOR MOST CONNOTES HARAJUKU to you? An intense orange brown, perhaps? What about Phuket? Grapefruit pink sounds about right. Hanoi? Definitely a va-va-va-voom vivid blue-red.

We miss the big things about travel: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the shades. But we also miss the small things, like duty-free shopping, amirite?

Rare is the woman (or woman at heart) who hasn’t at least briefly browsed a MAC counter in an airport, any airport. MAC stores are so prolific they’re practically synonymous with travel.

Now, the ubiquitous cosmetics company has rolled out a limited-edition series of lipsticks to bring back the glamour of going places. It’s called Wander.Lust. and all the designs are inspired by destinations across Asia.

Raxenna Maniquiz’s brand-collab artwork for Nike Philippines (2) and FRIDA glasses. Courtesy of @raxenne

To create the vibrant and fun new bullet lipsticks tubes, MAC commissioned well-known Filipina artist and illustrator Raxenne Maniquiz, whose previous retail collabs include Nike, Toblerone, Charles & Keith, Cole Haan and Dr. Martens. The lipsticks themselves are the company’s classic best-selling colors, but in new casings inspired by Maniquiz’s memories.

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All photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics


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