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One of Japan’s Most Trusted Hospitality Experts Just Launched a New High-End Hotel Brand

You probably know JR Kyushu for their trains, but the group's new hotel brand THE BLOSSOM is going to make waves in Japan's hospitality industry.

Feb 18, 2020

JUST IN TIME FOR THE CHANGE in seasons, a new high-end hotel brand springs to life from hospitality experts JR Kyushu group. With two fetching locations in Tokyo and Fukuoka, THE BLOSSOM exudes graceful elegance and cradles you in the culture of Japan, creating stunning, generously sized spaces of utmost serenity.


In the heart of a mega-metropolis that is magnificent from above, THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA has planted the seeds to connect the world with Japan—in particular Hibiya Park, the Imperial Palace and Ginza, all of which are a short stroll away. Arrive smoothly from Haneda Airport, Narita Airport or Tokyo Station and land in this ravishing nest. In the lobby, the artwork and vibe combine for a modern-day expression of the vibrant, old-world gatherings at the Rokumeikan, an 1883 edifice famed for its galas and a symbol of Japanese civilization. Come to understand the art of Kyushu hospitality through its traditional crafts on display, and its flavors in sake and cuisine made with rice and water originating there.

When you’re ready to dive into the cocoon that is your room, you’ll find soft colors, and imagery of the history of Hibiya and the four seasons in traditional Japanese paper walls, and on the carpeting and other fixtures. Twelve premium rooms on the highest floors are approximately 60 square meters each, and boast panoramic views from their floor-to-ceiling windows. Your new favorite hotel awaits above Tokyo. Find a flower blooming in the sky of Hibiya.


A charming city epitomizing Japanese culture, Fukuoka has recently been graced with a new perfect rose. The BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier is nestled in a convenient spot within walking distance of historic shrines such as Kushida, as well as the lovely old streets of Hakata and shopping districts like Canal City Hakata, and offers wonderful guest programs to give you a real sense of the place. When you return home via the evocative entrance that conjures trees and stones, you’ll feel en route to a forest bath. Indeed, the hotel has a wonderfully calming Japanese sento, so you can soak the worries of the world away.

If you’re looking for full relaxation, book one of the 13 luxury rooms on the top floor. The design unravels the traditional elements of Japan, Fukuoka and Hakata, replacing them with a present-day feel in a way that both soothes your mind and stimulates your intellectual curiosity. You’ll have exclusive access to HAKATA LOUNGE, where you enjoy complimentary drinks, including wines and sake from the Kyushu region. It’s the most sophisticated stay in Fukuoka. Stylish Hakata entertains you with the finest hospitality.

Ginzan Onsen at Yamagata, Tohoku, Japan

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