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Retox, Detox, Repeat: Trying A Hangover IV Drip After the World’s Booziest Brunch

A new restorative IV-drip bar in the middle of an actual bar means you’ll never have to fear that boozy brunch again.

By Jeninne Lee-St. John

Dec 30, 2020

WHEN THEY CALIBRATED THE DOSAGE OF THE HANGOVER DRIP, the good people at Vivid by Verita couldn’t possibly have factored in just how much Moët I could put in my body during a three-point-five hour brunch. But I’m sure they’re getting used to people like me, positioned as the clinic is essentially smack in the middle of the madness.

The new rainbowsplosion Vivid by Verita, in Anantara Siam, is Bangkok’s only IV drip bar within a five-star hotel, and the inviting entrance of this licensed clinic sits oh-so-conveniently in the courtyard of Aqua Bar, which hosts the hotel’s recently launched steal of a Sunday Brunch (Bt3,000 including free-flow Moët& Chandon!) that (d)evolves into such a raucous dance party by 2 p.m. you’d think it was 12 hours earlier.

Intravenous infusions have gone mainstream in recent years, as ways to boost immunity or metabolism, counter the effects of jetlag or ageing, and get your brain powered up from general lethargy or perhaps zealous imbibing. Obviously, this retox-detox seemed like the perfect pairing for me, known champagne-guzzler and most-willing wellness guinea pig.

Sunday started at 11:30 a.m. in the open-sky Aqua Bar. There was a flaming grill turning out fat sausages and tender lamb chops. The meat station had juicy chickens twirling in the rotisserie and perfectly bloody prime rib on the cutting board. The Peking duck and char sui were Hong Kong quality — and presentation, too, with the glazed-amber whole birds hanging seductively in a glass box next to our table. Every week they include a different Thai street food vendor; that day it was sweet rotis. The chef manning the raw bar was standing barefoot in the koi pond, in one of the most committed seafood presentations I’ve seen in a while.

There was also, of course, sushi and charcuterie and all you can eat a la carte, of which the lobster mac-and-cheese, beef Wellington and roasted cauliflower received multiple orders by our table of six. Upon arrival, I suggest you seek out Fausto, he of the excellent thick-rimmed glasses, and make him your best friend. This is the man who will keep your table brimming with bubbly. Every time I turned around, my glass was full, and one time Fausto was pouring Moët directly into my friend’s mouth. (Even I’d never seen that in a luxury hotel.)

I’m pretty sure this was all a carefully plotted ploy to ensure our butts would not remain in our seats. The charismatic, peppy pop-star singer, Tack, serenaded me with My Girl and it was basically over. We danced, we stole the mic, we made friends with all the other tables — including a big group who came running out of the private dining room wearing balloon-animal hats and wanted to conga. It was like being at a Champagne-fueled bar mitzvah slash wedding without the boring speeches.

Suffice it to say, by the time I rolled into Vivid by Verita the next morning, precisely 24 hours after I had started drinking Sunday, I was ready for some real TLC. The range of options for IVs include the phosphatidylcholine fatty acid-laden “Brain,” the cartinine amino-acid-rich “Slim,” and the so-called ‘fountain of youth’ NAD+-powered “Limitless.” You can get them in 15-minute boosts or full 45-minute drips. It was clear to all, though, that I needed the full-dosage tryptophan-fueled “Hangover.”

Already a needle hater, my fragile soul needed a little hand-holding, but nurse Khao Too got the line in easy. (Well, I’d hope so; she also administers Vivid’s botox and fillers.) She then nuzzled a pair of Blade Runner shades onto my eyes. While it may have looked futuristic, the theory behind it is more than a century old. In 1903 a Dane named Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work with light therapy, both from the sun and artificial. The Vivid headset was like staring straight into a rainbow — which I suppose makes sense since it’s meant to be a mood enhancer, as well as reset your circadian rhythm.

The final touch was the medical-grade oxygen she started pumping up my nose. Oxygen generates 90 percent of the body’s energy, by converting the nutrients from foods and breaking down toxins (two things I would’ve had in abundance from the day before), but our body cannot store it. Apparently most air we breathe is only 20-percent oxygen (and probably less during the hyper-pollution days that choked Bangkok around this period) — so inhaling 90-percent pure oxygen is supposed to work wonders on metabolism and cognitive function.

Tucked in a fuzzy Technicolor blanket, eye visor on and nose plugs in, I felt like I was about to be reborn out of The Matrix. It seemed like I could feel the new energy physically coursing through me. There were a couple of internal shivers. An hour later, it was as if I’d finished a therapeutic massage — it was home for a nap that left me not exactly bouncing with energy, but better rested than the entire night’s sleep the evening before.

Pretty legit for someone who’s developed two-day hangovers in her old age. The cycle was complete early. Now, back on that table.; Sunday brunch 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Bt2,200 per person with soft drinks or Bt3,000 including Moët&Chandon, wine, cocktails and beer.; IV drips and pushes, booster shots, oxygen, light therapy, botox and fillers; contact for prices.

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