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Romance And History Collide At Uluwatu’s Oceanfront Jumeirah Bali

Step into a stunning architectural tribute to an alluring lost empire.

Jumeirah Bali Resort Ocean View

Resort Ocean View

Aug 25, 2022

ADVENTURE SEEKERS THAT love a story should make Jumeirah Bali their next destination. Inspired by sumptuous water palaces that recreate the romance of Bali’s past, the resort recreates the glory days of a romantic, lost empire. Perched on the oceanside, it takes architectural cues from tales of Majapahit, an ancient royal Hindu-Javanese civilization.

From the roofs of the villas to the subtle use of water elements throughout the Uluwatu property, guests discover touches of ancient culture seamlessly blended with tropical touches and a backdrop of exquisite Indian Ocean views.

Jumeirah Bali Entrance

Architecture fans will especially appreciate a replica of the ruins of Trowulan, the capital city of the fallen empire.

Offering a visual and sensory celebration of the island’s past and romantic allure, striking architecture meets luxury in a stunning 11-hectare cliffside resort. With 123 spacious villas surrounded by sprawling gardens, the multi-terraced property lets guests admire Dreamland Beach from various viewpoints. 

Inspired by a desire to connect Bali’s past and present in a verdant water-based sanctuary, the resort was designed so that every villa — each with a private plunge pool and garden — is never more than a few feet from a water feature. 

Garden Villa, Jumeirah Bali
Premier Garden Villa

The Majapahit Empire was considered a golden era for Bali, and the period was a sanctuary for Bali’s ruling elite. Touches from the maritime empire can be seen in the clusters of pendopo pavilions, which were defining elements of the era. Whether used for bathing, drinking tea, reading, or socializing, everything was done beneath a pavilion and in sight of royal gardens.

Jumeirah Bali’s spacious villas start at 210 square meters and carefully use light and space to mirror the water palace theme. With one- or two-bedroom choices, the villas offer a sense of place and location by incorporating architecturally indulgent outdoor showers and private pendopo that transport guests to a romantic Balinese summer home.

The star attraction, the stately four-bedroom Royal Water Palace, marries Balinese and Javanese influences for the ultimate in luxurious seclusion with a unique glass elevator to transport guests to the beach level, where a natural cave contains a high-tech wine cellar.

Ocean View Dining, Jumeirah Bali
Maja Sunset Lounge, Jumeirah Bali
Maja Sunset Lounge

The resort’s signature restaurant, Segaran Dining Terrace, is worth a stop even if you’re not staying over. Sitting on the topmost level, its panoramic sunset views are legendary, and the design and menu recreate how a royal family from the Majapahit Empire would have dined.

Offering an even more intimate setting is the resort’s Maja Sunset Lounge, where tipplers can sample delightful sundowners while the sun sinks behind the nearby infinity pool and the vast sea beyond.

Talise Spa, Jumeirah Spa
Talise Spa

Jumeirah’s signature Talise Spa holds Bali’s only traditional royal Turkish hammam, providing 1,705 square meters designed for healing and tranquility. A menu of ‘Divine Therapies’ includes the ancient practice of Wewaran, or Balinese numerology, which calculates and balances the dominant chakra. The signature Royal Campa and Royal Dwara hammam experiences detox and rebalance while steam and sauna facilities, a Vichy shower, and five private treatment rooms set the stage for soulful sanctuary. 

And your youngest family members are never left out of the fun at Jumeirah Bali. Upon arrival, children are invited to take part in a resort-wide treasure hunt with special prizes for kids that solve the mystery before they leave. 

Staircase of Jumeirah Bali

Peafowl Kids Club is an interactive playground that will entertain youngsters for the whole of their stay. From sensory experiences to playing local instruments and trying Balinese national dress, kids will leave with incredible memories and stories of their own. 

From the architecture to the interiors and the natural setting, a stay at Jumeirah Bali offers an authentic Balinese haven.

For more information, please visit or contact for bookings.

All photos courtesy of Jumeirah Bali.

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