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Shanghai Disney is Reopening Next Week

Shanghai Disney opens next week, and suddenly the world feels less bleak.

By Veronica Inveen

May 8, 2020

DISNEY PARKS AROUND THE WORLD have been closed down for months in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The first of the company’s six parks to shutter, Disney Shanghai, which has been out of business since January, is also the first to reopen.

The company announced that next week, on May 11th, the park will once again be open to the public.  The successful reopening of Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Disneytown shopping complex, and a recreational area in early March is informing the theme park opening. However, don’t expect to have the same Disney experience you are used to for some time.

The initial reopening phase will see a limited attendance of only 24,000 visitors a day, 30 percent of the typical attendance, and advanced ticketing and reservations are required. Social distancing measures will be upheld in queues, restaurants, ride vehicles and other areas throughout the park, which, sadly, won’t do your photos with the characters any good.

Courtesy of Shanghai Disney (2)

Before entering the park, guests will have to go through a temperature screening and will need to scan a QR code for contact tracing. You’ll also be required to wear a mask throughout the entirety of your visit, aside from when dining.

While certain children play areas and theater shows will remain closed, Disney has hinted at a few new surprises in store for the first slew of visitors. Plus, Shanghai is in the height of spring, so you can be sure that Disney’s famous flower blooms will be vibrant and abundant.

To learn more about which attractions are open and how to reserve tickets, visit the park’s website.


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