7 Travel Essentials Tennis Legend Maria Sharapova Always Packs

Here’s what the athlete, supermodel, and new mother never leaves home without.

Maria Sharapova Packing:

Courtesy of Bassike, The Great , Amazon and Sephora

By Gaby Keiderling

Oct 31, 2022

IT WAS 28 DEGREES C on the SoHo rooftop, and we were all here to see the woman in the red cashmere trench coat. Gracious, gorgeous, (and somehow sweat-free), Maria Sharapova spoke with Laura Brown (the former Editor-in-Chief of InStyle and fashion maven) at IMG’s NYFW Glam Slam presented by Chase Sapphire about her tennis career, life in retirement, and of course, her new entrance into motherhood with the joy of her son. After a Q&A between the two influential women, I made my way over to the tennis legend to talk to her about a topic that she knows perhaps better than most: travel.

Nobody moves like Sharapova. Born in Russia and uprooting to Florida when she was seven years old, the tennis star has spent so much of her life away from home. She grew up quickly, and at the age of 17, became the third youngest woman to win Wimbledon. Maria Sharapova became a household name, and she traveled around the world defending her number one title. 

Now, despite being a little over two years into retirement, Sharapova’s life has not slowed down. Between spending her time with her family and newborn Theodore, working on her charity the Maria Sharapova Foundation, running her candy company Sugarpova, and supporting the brands in which she is an investor, Sharapova is always on the go.

Being a tennis player and an experienced traveler go hand in hand, since athletes frequently find themselves on the road. Whether it’s squeezing in a quick gym session in a hotel room with her own portable set of ankle weights, jet-setting in cozy pieces from some of her favorite brands, or keeping her complexion refreshed and hydrated with skincare products to fight dry air, jet lag, and changing climates during travel, we have the scoop on her must-have travel products.

So what does the five-time Grand Slam winner, business mogul, and new mom always keep in her suitcase? Keep reading for the 7 essentials Maria Sharapova never leaves off her packing list.


“I try to keep [up] my workout routine as much as I can on the go, because I feel like when you travel you don’t feel as settled,” Sharapova said. “I bring my Bala bangles with me for a workout in the hotel room, or the bands that I put around my knees.”

Bala Bangles

Maria Sharapova Packing: Bala Bangles
Bala Bangles. Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, US$40 to $49

Resistance Bands

Maria Sharapova Packing: Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands. Courtesy of Madewell

To buy:, US$20


“For travel wellness, I love Barbara Sturm’s little on-the-go products, whether it’s the serums, the mist, any of it.” She went on to say, “I’m quite simple when it comes to beauty, I use the same Kanebo mascara that I’ve used for so many years. It’s a Japanese brand, I try to keep it simple. I just don’t have the time for it.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum Discovery Set

Maria Sharapova Packing: Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum Discovery Set
Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum Discovery Set. Courtesy of Sephora

To buy:, US$325

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist

Maria Sharapova Packing: Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist
Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist. Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

To buy:, US$100

Kanebo Mascara

Maria Sharapova Packing: Kanebo Mascara
Kanebo Mascara. Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, US$39 

Sponsored by Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto


“Usually, I throw something on by The Great. Or I love traveling in this Australian brand called Bassike,” Sharapova said.

The Great The Trail Sweatshirt

Maria Sharapova Packing: The Great The Trail Sweatshirt
The Great The Trail Sweatshirt. Courtesy of The Great

To buy:, US$215

Bassike Cashmere Weekend Track Pants

Maria Sharapova Packing: Bassike Cashmere Weekend Track Pants
Bassike Cashmere Weekend Track Pants. Courtesy of Bassike

To buy:, US$540 to $895)

And speaking of travel, when the tennis superstar’s not working, momming, or sporting, she has been known to take a leisure trip or two. Favorite destinations? “In the last couple years, I fell in love with Croatia, hopping around to the different islands and going to so many undiscovered places there,” she said, adding, “I would love to go to Alaska or Bhutan, those are my dream destinations. And Italy is never a bad idea.”

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