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The 7 Essential Tips to Start Every Digital Nomad’s Day

Follow these easy steps every day for a month to supercharge your productivity and watch the stress melt away.

By Jeninne Lee-St. John

Jun 9, 2021

AFTER THE PAST year’s upheaval to our schedules, achieving work-life balance in an ostensibly more flexible (i.e., WFH) world has been understandably more difficult than it sounded for many of us. How do you separate space and time when your places of leisure and commerce are one? How do you stay sane in a pod of one? The digital-nomad community, estimated by some to be as high as 35,000,000 worldwide, had been steadily growing over the past decade but with the abrupt shift brought on by Covid, well, you might say we’re all digital nomads now.

Beyond logically located city hotels, beautiful resorts in dreamy destinations have also gotten on board and are offering all sorts of attractive work-from-hotel packages. Whether you’re in a rental villa, a beachfront cafe, propped up poolside or holing away from the sun for a few hours at the desk in your room, we’re betting you’re looking to maximize your productivity, minimize your working hours, schluff off the stress and power through to the family- or playtime. In fact, we’re betting you’re looking to do that if you’re sitting in a traditional office as well.

We’ve asked a pair of crazy-successful digital nomads for their advice. Shayoon and Alexander Mendeluk are entrepreneurs who fell into #nomadlife in Bali last year when Covid closed the borders. They’re also healers and life coaches, with a focus on energy, mindfulness and conscious change. Alexander, originally from Malibu, California, is an expert in self-healing and trained in various martial arts. Shayoon, born in Nairobi, Kenya, of Indian and Pakistani descent, practices reiki and prana, among other methods.

Here are their 7 essential tips to start every digital nomad’s day.

Video edited by Sandy and Josiah from @goanomalous

For free access to the LightForce meditation, and more on the Mendeluks’ morning ritual, click here

The LightForce Center is now based in Bali, with remote retreats and wellness sessions. Four- and seven-week healing programs are available online now; a physical location will open in 2023.

The video was filmed at Nihi Sumba, in Indonesia, twice named the best hotel in the world by Travel+Leisure readers. 


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