The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan’s Tohoku Region

Bring your camera and prepare to take lots and lots of photos.

Mar 9, 2021

CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON IS ALWAYS ONE OF the most joyous time of the year in Japan. Strict safety measures have been taken throughout Japan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If the immigration restrictions are completely lifted, you will be able to go to see the magnificent cherry blossoms in Japan with confidence. The Tohoku Region had some of the most incredible blossom-strewn vistas in the land. With the JR EAST Pass, the Tohoku Highway Bus and the Tohoku ExpressWay, the region’s spectacular petals are easily accessible.

Hirosaki Park

Located a scenic half-hour stroll from the JR Hirosaki Station in Aomori, this sprawling park is home to roughly 2,600 cherry trees in an area the size of 10 Tokyo Domes. In an average year, more than 2 million people flock to the site when the gorgeous sakura begins to bloom. It’s hard to see it, but when the cherry blossoms in Sotobori begin to fall, the moat is filled with cherry blossom petals, creating a fantastic landscape called a flower raft that looks like a carpet of cherry blossoms.

Kitakami Tenshochi

Long regarded as one of the top three most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Michinoku and one of the top 100 places in all of Japan, this stretch of the Kitakami River in Iwate is the stuff of Instagrammers’ dreams. The 2 kilometer stretch of trees lining the banks form a tunnel of pastel pink hues. After the sun goes down, the trees are illuminated, making the scene even more magical. 


Sometimes nicknamed the “Little Kyoto of Michinoku” for its Edo-era architecture and atmospheric streets, this lovely town in Akita is truly a gem. There are a number of exceptional spots to view the cherry blossoms here, including a 2 kilometer strip along the banks of the languid Hinokinai River. Much of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which begins in April, is held along the historic Bukeyashiki Street, which boasts approximately 450 weeping cherry trees, 162 of which are designated as a national natural monument.

Hitome Senbonzakura

With 1,200 stunningly beautiful cherry trees along a full 8 kilometers of the banks of the Shiroishi river bank, this spot is guaranteed to take your breath away. The reflections of the Someiyoshino trees on the placid water’s surface are truly stunning. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a mere three-minute amble from the JR Ogawara Station, making this spot especially convenient. 

Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival

While Tendo may be best-known for producing meticulously crafted shogi pieces, figurines of noble warriors and blushing chamber maidens in kimonos, there’s much more to this area. The Tendo Onsen is the perfect place to soothe away stress with a restorative soak. Best of all, the Tendo Cherry Blossom Festival transforms locals and visitors into human shogi pieces, courtesy of ornate period costumes. More than 2,000 cherry trees bloom with the regal silhouette of Mount Maizuru in the distance.

Miharu Takizakura

Situated in a picturesque town in Fukushima Prefecture, the Miharu Takizakura tree is so much more than an ordinary cherry tree. Reputedly more than 1,000 years old, this tree more than 12 meters tall is an officially recognized national monument known for its cascading layers of blossoms. The area is also blessed with an abundance of wildflowers, adding to its copious charms.

Takada Park

Built in 1614, the Takada Castle is a striking landmark. Today, visitors can take in the dazzling site of more than 4,000 cherry trees in bloom illuminated by 3,000 glowing lanterns. In the evening, more than 300 food vendors offer traditional street snacks, making this one of the most festive places to view the cherry blossoms at night.

Sendai Castle

This impressive castle ruin is remarkable to see year-round, but it really shines when the cherry trees are in full bloom. While the flowers themselves are visually alluring, what really sets this place apart is the palpable sense of history. Be sure to snap a photo of the statue of Date Masamune with the cherry trees in the backdrop.

The city of Sendai created a virtual hanami video featuring the city’s famous hanami spots. We hope you enjoy it.

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