This Vintage Train in Australia Shows You the Outback in Ultimate Luxury

Celebrate Australia's reopening with a slow train through the Outback.

Journey Beyond : The Ghan

Courtesy of Journey Beyond

By Cailey Rizzo

Apr 28, 2022

After closing its borders for almost two years due to the pandemic, Australia is back open for visitors and its 100-year-old train traversing the outback that has been the pinnacle of old-world, slow-travel luxury is once again ready for international passengers. The Ghan is a historic train route that has been shuttling passengers from Adelaide on the southern coast of Australia to Darwin in the far north since 1929.

The 2,977-kilometer journey takes about 54 hours to complete and includes several chances to get off the train and explore the outback. It’s not just the travel time that’s lengthy. The Ghan has 44 different carriages and stretches almost a mile long. In fact, the train is so long that its front arrives in stations about 15 minutes earlier than its caboose, according to Time Out.

luxury train australia the ghan
Alice Springs. Photo by Scott A. Woodward

All 44 of The Ghan’s carriages are filled to the brim with top-quality, sumptuous amenities. The most basic class of service is The Gold Service, where passengers travel in a sleeper cabin and have access to a shared lounge. The next highest level is Gold Superior Service, where cabins feature a bit more space and passengers have a dedicated lounge area. For its most well-heeled passengers, The Ghan offers Platinum Service, with even more luxurious dining and furnishings.

Although you could spend 54 hours exploring the expanse of this luxury train, some of the best Ghan moments from the trip take place in far-flung Australia off the tracks. Passengers can look forward to dinner beneath the stars at Alice Springs’ historic Telegraph Station. Other highlights may be wandering through Coober Pedy, an underground opal mining town, or exploring Nitmiluk Gorge, where passengers will learn about local indigenous culture.

Journey Beyond : Outback, luxury train australia the ghan
Courtesy of Journey Beyond

The journey also includes stops in Katherine and Manguri. For passengers looking to further explore the outback, there are several add-on experiences, like a plane ride from Alice Springs to Australia’s famous Uluru rock.

Prices for the three-day journey between Adelaide and Darwin start at A$2,165. For more information, to view availability, or to book online, click here.

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