The Mid-Autumn Tastes of Solaire

Revel in the tastes of the Mid-Autumn Festival with Solaire’s special mooncake offers that are the highlight of the joyous celebrations.

Solaire celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with its special homemade mooncakes.

By Solaire Resort

Sep 19, 2021

TAKE YOUR PICK FROM A SELECTION OF Homemade Mooncakes – from the classic baked mooncakes, the modern snow skin variety, to the new Teochew version – each bursting with wondrous flavors and complex textures.

Much like the lore of the annual festival’s beginnings, the traditional Baked Mooncakes come with a touch of grandness that emanates from its rich double egg yolk cores enveloped in either a velvety red bean paste, or silken white lotus paste.

The newest addition to the delectable roster of the festival’s staple is the Teochew-style mooncakes. Unlike its classic and snow skin counterpart, this mooncake takes on an unconventional appearance with its crispy pastry exterior. You can savor this mooncake with egg yolks wrapped in soft taro paste or fragrant ube paste. For a touch of whimsy, the fun and playful Snow Skin Mooncakes are a must for those with a sweet tooth. The 5 artistically concocted flavors come as a colorful set packed in an orange mini-fridge. The mango paste and mango chocolate snow skin mooncake showcases the saccharine goodness of the famous Philippine fruit, while the custard paste and Palette Noir chocolate snow skin mooncake is a bittersweet surprise. Enjoy the decadence of the strawberry snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and rum hazelnut chocolate which is a contrast to the vibrancy of the ube paste and coconut chocolate snow skin mooncake. Relish the succulent lotus paste and whisky chocolate snow skin mooncake which exudes a balance between sweet and smokey.

For inquiries, you may email mooncakefestival@solaireresort.com.

For more information, visit solaireresort.com.

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