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The Seychelles Is Open to All International Travelers

The sun-drenched archipelago that's the most vaccinated nation on Earth is welcoming visitors regardless of their vaccine status.

By Alison Fox

May 12, 2021

Editor’s note: After first reopening to vaccinated visitors at the beginning of this year, per the article below originally published January 21, 2021, the Seychelles has been open since March 25 to nearly all international tourist arrivals regardless of vaccination status, as long as visitors present proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of landing in the country, and health insurance that would cover any Covid-19-related costs. No quarantine on arrival is required, nor minimum stay at your first hotel, nor regular testing.

By early May, the Seychelles had achieved the status of the world’s most vaccinated nation, having administered vaccines to more than 62 percent of its adult population.

As of this writing, the Seychelles has implemented anti-Covid curbs, such as temporary closures of schools and early closures of bars, to try to beat back a recent surge of infections attributed to the strain of the virus now circulating in India. As with all news related to the virus, the situation continues to change. Check with the Seychelles embassy in your nation before traveling. — May 12, 2021

THE SEYCHELLES, THE ISLAND off the eastern coast of Africa overflowing with perfect beaches, will allow now anyone to enter the country after they have been fully vaccinated.

Vaccinated travelers from any nation must prove two weeks have passed since they received their second dose as well as show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at an accredited laboratory within 72 hours of traveling, according to the island’s tourism site.

Travelers will also have to fill out a health travel authorization showing their certificate of vaccination, test results, flight confirmation and accommodation details. 

By March, the Seychelles anticipates it will have vaccinated most of its adult population and expects to open to all visitors from all countries regardless of their vaccination status. However, visitors will still be required to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their trip.

Currently, the Seychelles allows travelers to enter from several countries, including Iceland, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, with a negative COVID-19 test. Those who arrive on a commercial flight and who stay for more than six days have to take a second PCR test.

The Seychelles said it would also consider allowing travelers from any country visit if they arrive by private jet.

The concept of allowing vacationers based on their vaccination status is not new as vaccine passports may become the future in a post-COVID-19 world. Several countries in Africa, for example, require proof travelers have received a vaccine for yellow fever.

Israel has floated the idea of issuing a “green passport” to those who have been inoculated against the virus, allowing them to do things like visit restaurants. And several health passports — that could eventually evolve into vaccine passports — have emerged, including one from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) along with one American Airlines is rolling out.

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