The Strand Yangon

Aug 10, 2009

Originally built in 1901, The Strand Hotel stands for all that were wondrous and opulent in a bygone era. Restored to its former glory, the Victorian-styled Strand combines the charms of the 1920s and 1930s with modern-day amenities.

Set among fading pastel-colored 19th-century buildings and a stone’s throw from the Irrawaddy River, the three-story Strand, with its grand living room and 32 suites, is more like an elegant mansion than a hotel. Arriving guests are welcomed in the lobby lounge – with its black peacock chairs, marble floors, and palm fans twirling from the high ceiling – feel like they are visiting an old colonial-era residence rather than checking in to a hotel. This feeling is reinforced with personal butlers for each room, at the ready to cater to every whim. The suites boast high ceilings, teakwood floors, spacious bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms. A private collection of local art pieces and antiques evokes a sense of nostalgia.

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