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These 8 Resorts Have the Most Visionary Wellness Programs in the Maldives Right Now

Cutting-edge science, all kinds of aquatherapy, and a dash of drugs put these Maldives resorts ahead of the wellness pack.

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Aqua Wellness Center

Aqua Wellness Center. Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Maldives

By Katie Lockhart

Feb 25, 2022


EVERYONE KNOWS THE spas in the Maldives are great — long, relaxing massages are basically integral to the luxe-tropical-island-resort experience. But if you’re looking for truly innovative and personalized wellness on your Maldives sojourn, this is the list for you. Work with a nutritionist to tailor-make each meal, float in a sensory deprivation tank, or stand in the snow (yup, there’s snow in the Maldives). And we haven’t even gotten to the psychotropic drugs yet. Whatever you want your wellness journey to look like, these eight Maldives resorts have the most visionary and over-the-top creative R&R programs for your body and mind — with a major dose of luxury.

Niyama Private Islands Maldives
Epigenetics and IV elixirs

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Garden Massage, Drift Spa at Niyama Private Islands
A garden massage. Courtesy of Niyama Private Islands

At Niyama Private Islands Maldives, wellness and science collide — in the best way possible. During a 30-minute Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Analysis at Drift Spa, a strand of your hair will tell you about your body’s nutrients, contaminants, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. Then, your Balance Wellness Consultant will analyze the data and tell you what foods and vitamins you need more or less of in your life.

When in the Maldives, do as the celebrities do. Beverly Hills Vitamin Therapy has an array of plant-based, organic solutions administered through an IV. Had one too many pina coladas? Try the Hangover Cure with B5, Zinc, Mineral Blend, Vita-Complex, Selenium, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium+Toradol. Plagued with jet lag or a bright-red burn? There are elixirs to help cure both; just try to forget your fear of needles.

Velaa Private Island
Every fitness option you can possibly think of plus rare wellness ideas you’ve probably never heard of

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Snow Room at Velaa Spa
Maldives Wellness Resorts : Cloud 9 at The Velaa Spa
The only snow room and the only Cloud 9 machine in the Maldives. Courtesy of Velaa Private Island (2)

It’s impossible to get bored at Velaa Private Island (try, we dare you). Start your day with nine holes of golf at their José María Olazábal-designed course. Then, head over for a game of squash, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, paddleball or tennis at the only covered court in the Maldives. Perhaps chalk up to ascend their climbing wall? Their fitness activities are seemingly endless, but that’s just where the wellness starts at Velaa.

The Velaa Spa has the only snow room in the Maldives as well as the only Cloud 9 machine, which is one of just four in the world. “What’s a Cloud 9 machine?” you ask. Designed to give you the best sleep of your life, this pod out of a science-fiction movie uses sound, light and motion to help you drift off to la-la land. In 2023, they’ll debut Eveylaa Wellbeing, including a new health-focused restaurant, a yoga pavilion, pilates studio, Ayurvedic treatment rooms and a quartz bed inspired by ancient Egyptian rituals. Sign us up!

One-stop-shopping for a brand-new you

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Salt Room, JOALI BEING
Salt room. Courtesy of JOALI BEING

This brand-new addition to the Maldives makes for two JOALI resorts in the country, but JOALI BEING is the only immersive wellness retreat. Using a glamorous combination of ancient traditions and modern science, they aim to customize each guest’s wellbeing needs around their four pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.

Before arrivals, guests fill out a questionnaire on their daily habits, diet, health goals and lifestyle patterns so that experts from naturopaths to trainers to nutritionists can build a blissed-out program that best suits them. From culinary classes on skin health to salt room sessions to a 3D fitness analysis, it’s a one-stop-shop for feeling like a brand-new person. A minimum stay of five nights is required to properly feel the effects of the completely personalized itinerary designed to fix whatever ails you.

Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences
Light and sound therapies

Courtesy of Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences (2)

At this lush and luxurious Baa Atoll escape, wellness is holistic and impressively innovative. Most notably is Sensora, a light and sound therapy machine designed to, according to the producers, “…help recharge the brain’s electrical field and positively interact with various bio-rhythms, such as brainwaves, breathing and heartbeat.” Guests can choose from a variety of sessions ranging from Night Light for sleep issues to The Fire Within to aid in reducing chronic pain and arthritis.

Amilla’s Javvu Spa has also created sustainable, plant-based bath salts and beauty products for purchase using ingredients grown right on the island. Guests can sign up for a free workshop in the spa’s Alchemy Bar to create their own bathtub tea and soaps to use at home, long after the vacation glow has worn off. The island-made theme carries over into the kitchen, where they ferment eight flavors of kombucha and will teach you how, too.

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands
Next-level floatation therapies

Courtesy of Patina Maldives (2)

The wellness programs at Patina, in the new Maldives neighborhood of resorts known as the Fari Islands, are notable for a lot of reasons, but let’s start with the space’s drop-dead gorgeous design. FLOW spa, designed by Marcio Kogan, consists of seven white wood cubes set amongst lush greenery and flowers. The separate male and female areas each include a sauna, steam room and a relaxation room with a lotus pond, pebble-stone floors and wood-beamed ceilings and walls that create different shadows, lights and breezes throughout the day.

FLOW is also the only spa in the Maldives with a float pod for sensory deprivation therapy. For those whose minds run wild (*ahem*, all of us), they offer Dream Scapes, a program that uses images, sound and music to guide you through your float. Keeping with the water theme, they also have a Watsu treatment room where a therapist stretches and moves you while you float in water, weightless and relaxed.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi
Water, water everywhere!

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Overwater Spa Villa, Waldorf Astoria Maldives
Overwater Spa Villa. Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Maldives

In terms of volume, other resorts can’t compete with Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi, which is home to the country’s first Aqua Wellness Center: a whopping 2,357-square-meter “spa,” with the custom-made hydrotherapy pool taking up more than a quarter of that space. It’s designed with different built-in zones, water temperatures and jet pressures meant to take guests on an aquatic, wellness journey fit for a mermaid. The Aqua Wellness Center also includes steam rooms, sauna rooms, an ice room and gendered relaxation areas, free for all guests.

The new wellness concierge service at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Spa helps guests create special programs for their stays based on a one-on-one consultation to determine what the individual body and mind need most. This even includes food and drink suggestions designed to help you feel better, faster.

The Nautilus Maldives
Himalayan healing

Maldives Wellness Resorts : Sandbank Spa Treatment, The Nautilus Maldives
Sandbank spa treatment. Courtesy of The Nautilus Maldives

This bohemian boutique resort in the Baa Atoll has partnered with the world-renowned Himalayan wellness retreat, Ananda. Launched last month, the program includes daily, pre-recorded Ananda breath work and meditation classes like Yoga Nidra and Nadhi Shodhan (aka opposite nostril breathing) at Solasta Spa. And in April, the resort will host an Ananda Wellness Retreat spanning several days of pure relaxation.

As in any Ayurvedic center worth its salt, the wellness partnership extends to the cuisine. At Nautilus, guests can order from an Ayurvedic specialist-curated menu, including beetroot poached pears with pan-seared goat’s cheese, star anise and celery and raisin chutney or soy bolognese made with whole wheat spaghetti, grilled artichokes and basil.

Soneva Jani
Did someone say medicinal mushrooms?

Pioneering 360-degree sustainability, luxury hospitality and holistic wellness programs in the Maldives since 1995, Soneva launched Soneva Soul in December. The three-tiered complex has raised wooden walkways that wind around the palm trees to various treatment rooms, including therapeutic biomodulation rooms, a juice bar and exercise pavilions.

Soneva combines contemporary, science-based treatments and ancient Ayurvedic practices, to offer everything under the Maldivian sun. We’re talking cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy… and sessions using medicinal mushrooms. Their Soneva Soul Movement Program includes yoga and meditation on a tree-top platform with 360-degree views of the turquoise waters or channeling your inner child on a jungle gym. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sublime.


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