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These Luxury Resorts Are Transforming Into True Wellbeing Sanctuaries

In a post-Covid world, wellness is more emotional than ever. Here's how Banyan Tree is aiming to heal body, mind and soul -- and just in time to help out with your festive season stress.

By David Ngo

Nov 29, 2021

ONE LESSON WE’VE ALL LEARNED during the global pandemic and ensuing social upheaval is that taking care of our physical and mental health is more important than ever. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has always put wellness at the forefront of their agenda, with comprehensive, innovative programs that draw on healing traditions from around Asia-Pacific. Now, the brand is taking things one step further with the introduction of its Wellbeing Sanctuaries program, which takes rejuvenation up to a whole new level — and just in time for the festive season, too.

Most of us default to January as the time to refocus on our health, and while that’s of course an option, we’re thinking our holiday vacation planning might be a good time to dive into our New Year’s resolutions early this year. Wellbeing Sanctuaries have already rolled out in Banyan Tree Krabi and Banyan Tree Samui, with, in the coming months, more slated for Banyan Trees across Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam.

So how is a Wellbeing Sanctuary different from just a regular old spa? For starters, this wellness journey is so in-depth it begins before you even set foot in the resort.

“Prior to arrival, Wellbeing Sanctuaries guests are sent a questionnaire to set out their goals,” says  Remko Kroesen, Banyan Tree Area General Manager. “Upon arrival and throughout the stay, our Wellbeing Practitioner will work with our guests to design a customized program, tailored to their goals and needs.” 

In other words, everything about this experience is bespoke. Once you arrive, you’ll check into a specially designed Wellbeing villa or suite, which comes with all sorts of custom amenities—think: yoga mats, stretch bands, Tibetan singing bowls, and a mini-bar fully stocked selection of fresh-pressed juices and herbal teas. On Koh Samui, guests can find their Zen in a private cliffside infinity pool, while Krabi offers private pools and gardens. Since quality shut-eye is crucial to wellness, you’ll sleep on ultra-breathable organic linen and enjoy an extra-thoughtful turndown service.

“Guests on the Wellbeing Sanctuary program will discover a different night-time ritual at their bedside after turn-down every night,” Kroesen says. “One evening it will be bath salts and rose petals, with suggestions on how to adapt one’s breathing technique while wallowing in a hot tub. On another night, we will prepare a flask of boiling water and some herbs in a bowl for a steam facial.”

From delicious, healthful cuisine to access to a host of complimentary wellbeing activities, there’s a lot to love about these Wellbeing Sanctuaries. We’re especially partial to the fact that the stays of three nights or more in a Wellbeing Sanctuary Pool Villa at Banyan Tree Samui come with complimentary 60-minute Body Treatments for two at the superlative spa.

“It is important to emphasize that this wellbeing journey is on the guests’ terms and that it is suited to their personal preferences. Nothing is mandated from our side,” Kroesen says. “Post-stay we follow up with each Wellbeing guest with results and recommendations, the aim being to assist each guest on their journey to better health and happiness.”

Sponsored by Patina Maldives

Rates for a Wellbeing Sanctuary Pool Villa at Banyan Tree Samui start at Bt19,450 per night, inclusive of daily breakfast, afternoon nutrition platter, personalized wellbeing guide, complimentary laundry, access to wellbeing activities, in-room wellness amenities, nightly rest rituals, 30 percent off of a la carte spa treatments, wellbeing cuisine and other chargeable activities.

With the Festive Package, which starts at Bt19,900 per person, guests can enjoy Christmas dinner at Saffron or Sands, Destination dining on any day during their stay and the Gala Dinner on December 31.

All photos courtesy of Banyan Tree Samui.

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