This Immersive VR Experience Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Hong Kong

[SPONSORED CONTENT] 360 Hong Kong Moments will transport you right to the heart of the bustling metropolis.

Apr 5, 2021

EVEN THE MOST FREQUENT FLIERS HAVE BEEN largely grounded for the better part of a year due to the current global pandemic. Though travel restrictions are easing, it may be a little while yet before we are able to explore as freely as we once did. With that in mind, there’s something special about anything that can sate that wanderlust without actually boarding a plane. The new 360 Hong Kong Moments from the Hong Kong Tourism Board is a reminder of why we love this culturally rich city so much. It will have you dreaming of your next vacation in no time.

Urban Jungle

Featuring the towering skyscrapers of Quarry Bay beneath Mount Parker in the Easter District of Hong Kong Island, this video captures the big city vibes for which Hong Kong is so famous. 

Victoria Harbour

Asia’s largest harbor is truly a site to behold, even in a digital format. Gaze on scores of watercraft ranging from wooden fishing vessels to mighty cruise liners and the historic Star Ferries.

Ding Ding Tram

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, Hong Kong’s iconic, taxi-yellow ‘ding ding’ trams are a fun and incredibly affordable way to traverse the town. 

Thrilling Nights

Hong Kong could give New York a run for its money as a “city that never sleeps.” Nights here are long, raucous and fueled by killer cocktails, natural wine bars, and a booming craft beer scene. When the sun goes down and the skyline lights up, the city truly comes to life.

City vs Nature

Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, 75 percent of Hong Kong consists of an actual jungle. If you feel a need to escape the shadow of vertiginous skyscrapers, hundreds of hiking trails are never far away.

Great Outdoors

From exceptional hiking to fabulous beaches to unspoiled islands, there’s so much natural beauty to discover in and around Hong Kong.

HK 360 core experience Videos

Michelin-starred fine dining, incredible luxury shopping, and varied neighborhoods just waiting to be explored—Hong Kong truly has it all. In this trio of videos, you’ll discover the cultural side of this cosmopolitan metropolis.

360 Experience Food
360 Experience Neighborhood
360 Experience Shopping

From breathtaking natural scenery to cutting-edge contemporary art, Hong Kong is truly a place that has it all. This undeniable cultural capital is known for its fast-paced intensity and its striking juxtaposition of ancient and modern, skyscrapers and jungles, mountains and beaches. We can’t wait to visit this city of contrasts again. To learn more and to start dreaming of your next trip, visit



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