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This Luxe Tokyo Hotel Combines Culture with Modern-Day Style

New to Tokyo's buzzing hotel scene, TRUNK(HOUSE) is a modern-day "salon"—an exclusive, residential-style hub for sophisticated travelers who appreciate culture and luxury.

Feb 18, 2020

The Space

Set in a 70-year-old, two-story former geisha house, the private, one-suite TRUNK(HOUSE) retains a traditional charm while bringing the first “townhouse hotel” to Tokyo. Created by the team behind Tokyo’s edgy TRUNK(HOTEL)—which made Travel + Leisure’s 2018 It List—the building has been meticulously restored and renovated in a way that is both authentic and highly upscale. Inside is a world unto itself where you can dance in your own high-tech karaoke room, dubbed “the smallest disco in Japan,” complete with a glitter ball and private bar; relax in a mini indoor garden; and feast on fare prepared by your own private chef.

The Design

The hotel’s dazzling interiors reflect its geisha house roots and its unique Tokyo style. Throughout the space you’ll find specially commissioned bespoke design pieces, such as a sofa and side table by Stephen Kenn, and lighting fixtures by Jean Prouvé and Serge Mouille. In contrast to its contemporary touches, the genkan-style stone entry has been restored to its original form, while dark terrazzo floors, paper screens, and stained-glass windows complement the building’s traditional wooden architecture. Room designs incorporate homegrown touches such as washi paper and indigo dyeing. Inside and out, the hotel preserves a rare slice of Tokyo that is home to a thriving arts, culture, and literature scene.

The Location

Stationed along a secluded backstreet in Tokyo’s central Kagurazaka neighborhood, TRUNK(HOUSE) offers an exclusive immersion into local culture. Upon stepping outside, you’ll find yourself walking the narrow, maze-like stone streets of an Edo Period entertainment district known by locals as “a little Kyoto in Tokyo.” The ideal base for the most authentic of Tokyo experiences, Kagurazaka is home to still-active ryotei (Japanese traditional restaurants), stylish cafés, restaurants, bars, speakeasies, and boutiques, as well as shrines, temples, and geisha entertainment.

The Food

Watch, wonder, and connect with the TRUNK(HOUSE) team of hand-picked chefs as they prepare a special menu of local and international dishes—anything from provincial Japanese fare to formal French cuisine—from the townhouse’s open kitchen. Every meal is an event, starting with a hearty Japanese breakfast consisting of a spread of rice, miso soup, and various side dishes. Arrange a privately prepared dinner of local specialties using seasonal ingredients, or ask your personal butler to dish up snacks and lighter meals such as ramen and Japanese curry.

The Garden & Dining Area

Relax and escape from the ever-buzzing metropolis within your own compact, delightfully landscaped indoor garden designed by Oryza, a leading Japanese landscape architectural firm. Enjoy the dining area that overlooks the garden, featuring Japanese plants and stones salvaged from the wall that once encircled Edo Castle.

The Tearoom

Find more moments of relaxation in the traditional tearoom. Laze around a comfy irori fireplace (a traditional Japanese sunken hearth typically used for heating and cooking), and recline on tatami flooring with leather cushions. Savor local teas and authentic culture, and admire artwork by artist Chiaki Hirano, who specializes in kirie, the Japanese art of paper cutting.

The Bath

Inspired by the sento, revered communal bathhouses once found in every town in Japan, the bathroom is a showstopper. It’s outfitted with an aromatic Japanese cypress wood tub surrounded by shunga (Japanese-style “adult” artwork) printed on white tiles by the contemporary ukiyo-e painter and woodblock print artist Masumi Ishikawa. As you soak, enjoy exclusive amenities developed in collaboration with centuries-old French beauty brand L’Officine Universelle Buly, as well as organic skincare items from Japan.

Inspiring and immersive, TRUNK(HOUSE) is a rare connoisseur experience that preserves an authentic piece of the city’s rich history.

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All photos courtesy of TRUNK(HOUSE).

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