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This New App Is Like Uber for Private Jets — Here’s How It Works

A real-time private-jet bookings app. For when your helicopter isn't available.


Photo by Guvendemir/Getty Images/Courtesy of Flewer

By Christina Liao

Apr 29, 2022

RIDE-SHARING APPS HAVE BECOME a ubiquitous tool for both everyday life and travel, but booking a private jet is decidedly less straightforward, often requiring help from a middle man (or, middle men rather). Realizing this, Marc Sellouk came up with Flewber for real-time private jet reservations.

Founded in 2018, the company set out to make private air travel more accessible, affordable, and efficient. Flewber has access to more than 9,000 aircraft — the largest of which have an 18-passenger capacity — and 1,900 airports, including private airstrips that are often inaccessible to most fliers. To find these exclusive runways, users can search by address or point of interest in addition to airport codes to locate the ones closest to their departure location and final destination. And ideal for those who tend to book at the last-minute, the app can have you on your way within 24 hours.

Flewber private jet reservations
Courtesy of Flewber

Flewber, which was founded in 2018 but has just expanded to routes across the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, with they expansion eyes cast wider for the future. All jetsetters need to do is open the app, select the number of passengers flying, input their departure and arrival destinations, and choose the desired time and date. Then, the app prompts you to either “book” or “bid.” The former will offer an instant quote while the latter will immediately begin a search for an empty-leg flight and the opportunity to save up to 60 percent on a charter.

With the recently updated app, the company has also added a “share” option, so that you can send the proposed itinerary to friends or family and easily split the cost. Plus, while many private jet companies require passengers to have annual memberships before they can make reservations, there are no membership fees associated with Flewber’s service.

Flewber private jet reservations
Courtesy of Flewber

Flying private provides a multitude of benefits. In addition to flying at a time that best fits your schedule, there’s also no need to arrive early for security lines. You can get there as little as 15 minutes before take-off, avoid crowded airports, and board right from the tarmac. But should you choose to arrive early, there’ll always be someone on-hand to help with valet parking and show you to a business class–style lounge for snacks and drinks for some pre-flight relaxation.

For more information, visit or download the app.

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