This Private-Jet Company Is Taking Petcations to New Heights

Michelin meals and spa services for dogs, cats and rabbits at 40,000 feet. VistaJet goes all out with private-jet petcations.

Private Jet Petcations

By Marissa Carruthers

Sep 16, 2021

WHAT’S THE ONE THING PAMPERING pet owners want most? After, of course, to bring their pets on vacation with them… Well, for everyone to love their pets as much as they do! Enter VistaJet, a private-jet company taking petcations to new heights. With the number of animals onboard leaping by a staggering 86 percent over the last two years, that means one in four VistaJet members is now traveling with a pet, and the company has upped their offerings to accommodate. Call them VistaPet.

Let’s start with inflight pet meals and treats crafted by a Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux. Pretty decadent, but the brand is also dedicated: they’ve trained their entire team of more than 200 cabin crew to administer pet first aid in case of a medical emergency mid-flight. This includes CPR and recognizing early warning signs of choking.

A step further, crew members have mastered the art of animal body language. So, they can spot the difference between a friendly dog loosely wagging its tail and a fearful pooch with his tail tucked between his legs. And — perhaps more mysteriously — they’ve cracked the dark arts of the feline world and can tell what a curious cat’s next move is by gleaning clues from its eyes, ears and whiskers.

If you’re a frequent flier of the four-legged variety (note that natural fliers, i.e., your bird friends, are perfectly welcome aboard, as well), perhaps it’s prudent to familiarize yourself with the roar of jet engines, air pressure and turbulence. VistaJet now helpfully offers a four-week course to help fearful Fidos overcome flying phobias.

And not just pooches! Though they remain most likely to take petcations on a private jet, VistaJet’s EVP of marketing and innovation, Matteo Atti, says cat passengers spiked a shocking 357 percent from 2019 to 2020. And rabbits are the latest breed to hop aboard the company’s planes.

Petcations cabin amenities are first-class all the way. Aside from Michelin meals, there are handmade sleep mats close to their owners in the cabin, and inflight entertainment in the form of rope toys. Enjoy pampering at 40,000 feet? These private jets offer salon-quality fur care with Kibble Pet’s shampoo and wipes.

“The fast increase in pet adoptions is paired with a habit of having pets as daily companions,” Atti says. Lockdown loneliness and pandemic pressures have brought us closer than ever to our animals – and triggered a sharp uptick in reluctance to leave them behind when embarking on our travels. That is to say: a sharp uptick of dogs on planes. “VistaJet is dedicated to ensuring dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and any other guests benefit from the same unparalleled service their owners expect from us,” Atti says. It’s little wonder petcations are so hot right now; now, doesn’t your good boy deserve a private jet?

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