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This Luxe Balinese Resort Perfectly Captures the Feeling of Escapism

After two years of little to no travel, we’re ready to get away for an adventure. Andaz Bali truly feels like a world apart—which is perfect for this moment.

New Hotels in Bali : Andaz Bali

Jun 8, 2022

AS COVID TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS around Southeast Asia continue to ease, many travelers find themselves planning international trips for the first time in two years. After all that time in confinement, it’s important to reconnect with what so many of us love about travel in the first place: a feeling of escaping the ordinary. At its best, travel helps us both immerse in other cultures and rediscover ourselves. Andaz Bali, a stylish haven located within the fishing village of Sanur, perfectly captures that vibe.

While the space boasts the top-tier amenities and spacious accommodations one would expect of a five-star resort, what really sets Andaz Bali apart is how deeply imbued with a sense of place it is. Architect Martin Palleros and the whole design team recreated the somnolent charm of a traditional Balinese fishing village. They also went to great lengths to preserve the ancient trees that line these winding paths. 

Beach Villa, Andaz Bali
Beach Villa, Andaz Bali

Strolling through the lush, leafy foliage and along the lagoon here feels like being transported to another era. Feel free to kick off your flip-flops and let your toes sink into the verdant grasses as you wander between courtyards inspired by Balinese homes. In the evenings, seek peace with the nightly sandikala ritual, in which a kul kul, or bamboo instrument, and bonfire are used to ward off negative energy and spirits.

For travelers needing to rejuvenate after countless Zoom meetings, the Shankha Spa is the perfect place to disconnect. As the largest wellness complex in Sanur, this space includes a sauna, steam room, fitness center, hydrotherapy pools, yoga studio, and so much more. Above all, it combines a truly transcendent sense of serenity and incorporates holistic healing techniques rooted in centuries of tradition.

Dining is, of course, one of the best ways to experience another culture. From Fisherman’s Club, a beachfront restaurant serving the catch of the day from local fishermen, to Blue Oven, where guests can dig in to Mediterranean dishes like paella brimming with shellfish, all of the eateries here specialize in crafting delicious cuisine. 

Best of all, these restaurants are arranged around Village Square, an open concept that evokes the streetlife energy and conviviality of Denpasar’s Chinatown. Take in the ambiance as you sit under the stars among friends, family and loved ones. After two years of little traveling, holiday with your loved ones is more precious than ever. Time to pack your swimsuit and book the much-needed Bali holiday.

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All photos courtesy of Andaz Bali.

Morning swiming in lush poolside Liang, Andaz Bali

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