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This ‘Sleeping Tour’ Includes a ‘Food Coma Lunch’ and 5 Hours of Snoozing on a Bus

You know how babies sleep better in motion? This new Sleeping Bus Tour is made for grown-ups to pass out during a ride through Hong Kong. And these dreamy trips are already selling out.

ulu travel

Courtesy of ulu travel

By Jessica Poitevien

Nov 4, 2021

UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, falling asleep during a paid tour is a waste of money at best or an offense to your guide at worst. But that’s not the case with this new experience coming out of Hong Kong. As its name suggests, the Sleeping Bus Tour by ulu travel is designed to help passengers catch some Zs, and rides are already selling out.

“When we were brainstorming new tours, I saw a social media post from my friend saying that he was stressed out by his work, he couldn’t sleep at night,” said Kenneth Kong, the marketing and business development manager of ulu travel.

“But when he was traveling on the bus, he was able to sleep well. His post inspired us to create this tour that lets passengers just sleep on the bus,” Kong told the Associated Press.

The five-hour bus ride takes passengers on an 83-kilometer (about 51.5 miles) journey aboard a regular double decker bus. Not only is the Sleeping Bus Tour the first of its kind, it’s also the longest bus route in Hong Kong, ensuring that fatigued passengers have plenty of time to enjoy some REM sleep.

The entire experience starts at a restaurant, where guests will be served a “2-course Western menu” or what the company describes as a “Food Coma Lunch” — an excellent head start in making passengers feel sleepy. Once they board the bus, passengers can get cozy for the ride, which includes a few stops for scenic photo ops and bathroom breaks. Passengers can also disembark the bus early at one of several drop-off points if they’d prefer to continue their sleep at home rather than complete the entire journey.

“I have been suffering from insomnia so I am here to try and get some sleep,” 25-year-old Anson Kong told the Associated Press. He was one of the passengers on the first bus tour on October 16, which completely sold out.

He said that the tour was a good idea and “more interesting” than he expected.

Tickets for the Sleeping Bus Tour are divided in four categories from the “Zero-decibel Sleeping Cabin” to the “VIP Panorama Cabin.” Prices range from about US$17 to US$115 per person. For more information on this unique dream-inducing experience, head to the ulu travel company website.

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