This Tour Company is Celebrating Radical Feminism

Unexpected destinations maybe, but what’s certain is that these journeys enrich both the travelers and the locals they interact with. By Jeninne Lee-St. John

Apr 3, 2020

A girls’ trip to Pakistan might sound like an oxymoron, but times are changing and Intrepid Travel is on the vanguard of the female-traveler empowerment movement. The Australia-based wanderlust specialists who are all about being hyper-local, personally enriching and good to the world are now offering a 15-day expedition only for women, led by a local woman (; Pakistan Women’s Expedition in October and November 2020 and 2021, from US$3,475). Experience a little-seen cross-section of life in Pakistan by visiting the homes and businesses of women, joining them in the kitchen or the corner office, taking in the capital of Islamabad and remote Minapin, where the Aga Khan Foundation is dedicated to helping women lift themselves up.

Local girls in Taxila, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Alamy Stock Photo

The trip is the newest in Intrepid’s two-year-old portfolio of adventures by and for women, many in places with notoriously harsh gender inequality. Adventures in Nepal range from learning about a chef-led campaign to abolish chhaupadi, in which women are banned from their homes during menstruation, to trekking the Himalayas with an all-female mountaineering crew. On the visit to India, be entertained by a female dance troupe while the men go cook dinner, and meet with survivors of acid attacks. And in Kenya, the first female overland-truck driver in East Africa leads a journey that visits Umoja Village, a sanctuary for survivors of genital mutilation and forced marriages, and goes on safari with women wildlife rangers. With other destinations including Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Morocco, and Turkey, Intrepid is poised to answer Beyonce’s shrewd question, Who run the world?

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