Three New Purveyors of Vedic-Inspired Healing

Three new purveyors of wellness have sprouted up around the region with their own modernized takes on ancient health and beauty wisdom.

By Bek Van Vliet Owen

Jan 7, 2020

REGULAR LUXURY SPAS are so 2019. For the type of elemental rejuvenation required in the 2020s, only multi-attack holistic healing will do. All the better that three new purveyors of wellness have sprouted up around the region with their own modernized takes on ancient health and beauty wisdom.

Creating space in a city with limited supply, Fivelements Habitat opened in a cool 1,400-square-meter facility in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay. Originating in Ubud, where founders Tahra and Chicco Tatriele set up their award-winning destination retreat 13 years ago, the Fivelements concept translates Vedic philosophies into a lengthy line-up of body therapies, beauty treatments, movement sessions and “Sacred Arts”—traditional Eastern practices like meditation, sound baths and tea rituals. Drop in for a massage, hop into one of the center’s vast range of yoga classes or sign up for a wellness day program, like Awakening Inner Power (HK$3,030; 240 minutes) or Blooming Beauty (HK$1,730; 180 minutes).

Another inner-city sanctuary following a spiritual path to wellbeing is Paro by Good Earth in Delhi. “A return to ancestral wisdom,” Paro finds guidance for self-healing in Vedic texts, and from its modern interpretation of the Vedas issues an eclectic offering of jewelry, apparel, home wares, essential oils, organic bedding, spa treatments, workshops and more. Celebrating the “art, tradition and ritual” of the Indian subcontinent, design permeates every aspect of the Paro experience. Enter its Studio Lotus–crafted spaces to browse pashminas, do an Ayurveda workshop in the Library lab, or mix your own tincture in the apothecary.

In Suzhou, the Tsao & McKown–designed Sangha Retreat by Octave offers a sleek, contemporary take on integrated wellness. The retreat aims to help guests “seek self-clarity, find harmony and achieve a new level of conscious awakening,” to which end a team of health experts—from physicians and nutritionists to “mindfulness professionals”—are at hand to conduct personalized wellness assessments and lead programs like Ayurvedic Healing, Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Fearless Fitness. Within the 19-hectare property, guests will also find a hydrothermal spa circuit, a Pilates studio and a high-tech sound-healing meditation dome—plenty for a full-scale health overhaul.

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