Top 3 Oceanic Adventures to Have in the Maldives this Summer

From exploring a shipwreck to getting involved with sustainability efforts and sleeping on a liveaboard, there’s never been a better time to dive in

Aug 18, 2022

AT THE TIME OF YEAR when the days are long, and the sun is hot, there is little that sounds more appealing than slipping into the endless, crystal blue Maldivian sea. And although swimming, boating, and boat rides are perennial favorite activities in the nation of islands, there are many more ways to enjoy the ocean’s sea life, rollicking waves, and refreshing beauty. 

Below are our three favorite water activities to enjoy in the Maldives now. 

Explore a Shipwreck

Keyodhoo Shipwreck, Maldives
Explore a Shipwreck. Courtesy of Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring a shipwreck, the Maldives has you covered. Whether you hope to find a bit of forgotten treasure or are fascinated by the algae, coral, fish, and other sea life that call a wreck home, a mysterious shipwreck site in Vaavu Atoll should be your first stop. 

Believed to be an Indonesian ship that drifted into the Maldives, the mostly-submerged boat is easy to find since its mast peeks out from the turquoise lagoon waters, and its distance from the shore is easily traversed by kayak. 

The site provides some of the Maldives’ most memorable snorkeling, with schools of thrillingly bright-colored fish and healthy coral visible just below the surface. More serious freedivers can go deeper and explore the captain’s cabin and the deteriorating bicycle fastened to the hull.

Sustainability Efforts

Maldives Freediving
Courtesy of Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation

Every Maldivian is thankful to the sea for the bounty it provides. It provides fish for eating and exporting, and the ocean’s beauty and tranquility bring tourists from all over the world to the country. 

Likewise, some visitors are moved to give back to the ocean and participate in sustainability efforts during their visit. At the end of a stay, it’s not unusual for vacationers to say that taking part in a beach cleaning afternoon or conservation effort was the most rewarding part of their trip. 

Several resorts organize environmentally-conscious outings to keep the country and its ocean healthy and beautiful. Take a few hours to get involved with coral restoration and planting projects or help with turtle rehabilitation. Then, next time you return, you can see that thanks to your efforts and those of people like you, the Maldives will remain a place of beauty to be enjoyed for generations. 

Lively Liveaboards

Diving with a school of sharks in Maldives
Diving with a school of sharks in the Maldives. Photo by Ishan/Courtesy of Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation

For true sea lovers, an overwater bungalow may not be close enough to the water. To feel the pull of the tide and connection to the sea around the clock, staying on a liveaboard might be the way to go and is becoming more popular each year. 

There are 154 liveaboards in the Maldives in various styles, offerings, and personalities. Go for a floating resort-style yacht stay where fine dining and wine complement each day, or try a more simple offering aimed at hardcore divers that live to be underwater. Some of these boats have just a few rooms, while others can accommodate a few dozen guests. 

Some who have tried a liveaboard will never return to a traditional resort. From shark sightings at night to laying on the deck beneath a starlit sky, it’s at once the most relaxing and most invigorating of choices. 

No matter what sort of sea you hope to see in the Maldives, the perfect water adventure is waiting for you. 


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