We Go Vegan for a Week at Soneva Kiri in Honor of World Vegan Day (Video)

Spoiler alert: We didn't even miss fish during the vegan "sushi" omakase. By Jeninne Lee-St. John

Oct 31, 2020

These days, the most holistic vision of wellness is about the impact of what we do and eat not just on our bodies but also on the planet. Barefoot-luxury pioneer Soneva Resorts has always been about sustainability, and now they’re bringing that mindset into the kitchen. All of their kitchens.

They’re reducing or completely eliminating the use of white flour and refined sugar, and are cutting their resorts’ beef consumption by 75 percent. As importantly, their goal is to have one plant-based or vegetarian dish for every meaty or fish dish on all their menus. In honor of World Vegan Day, November 1, we’re taking a look at this—I promise!—super tasty plan.

Prep for more nutrient-dense foods with complex carbohydrates and breads made using multi-grains; homemade nut milks, with no added sugar; and of course fresh produce from in-house, chemical-free gardens. Soneva Fushi, in the Maldives, has a sprouts room, “full of healing herbs and living sprouts that are packed with essential nutrients and very beneficial for microbiome and gut health,” says the company’s co-founder Sonu Shivdasani. “We have also started making Ayurvedic food.”

Soneva Kiri, in Koh Kood, Thailand, has, as you’ll see in the video, already rolled out new plant-forward menus in all their restaurants, and the results left even the staunchest carnivores (us) not just satiated but excited for more. Vegan chocolate and berry cheesecake? Light, creamy and close to my ideal dessert. A fake pulled-pork barbecue sandwich made with mushrooms? I think I’d rather eat it than the real thing. An entire Japanese omakase menu? Honestly, I was kind of mad they were swapping out my sushi until I tasted the umami-tastic bell pepper, mushroom and water chestnut nigiri—diverse, bold and memorable flavors. Converted in an instant. And don’t even get me started on the bacon.

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