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Why Creatives Are Already Booking Flights for This Upcoming Oasis in the Maldives

From art installations to breathtaking boutiques, Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, is a different kind of retreat.

Feb 3, 2021

THE NEED AMONG TRAVELERS FOR connection and community has perhaps never been more acute than in this so-very peculiar moment. Even as we crave more than anything getting away from it all, we want more than ever to feel like we’re truly a part of the destinations we visit. That’s why we can’t wait to experience the revolutionary new resort enclave – the first of its kind and inaugural of its brand – tucked away in the North Malé Atoll of the Maldives, for like-minded curious, conscious and conscientious individuals.

When Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, opens its doors to the public in mid-2021, it will invite guests to choose their own paths. Here, luxury is in having independence and finding balance – it’s in a wellspring of choices whose common thread is being good to ourselves and the planet. In short, Patina Maldives is a place where nature fuels creativity, and where your lived environment sparks positive emotions.

And let’s start by exploring the appreciation for art and artistry that is deeply entrenched in Maldivian culture. In this space of wondrous natural beauty, guests can feel tuned in to a collective creative pulse, while enjoying the peace of island solitude. Installations incorporating photography, textiles and sculptures are scattered throughout the premises.

Take a wander and spy elaborate textile art by Hiroko Takeda; a collection of photography art by Cássio Vasconcellos, and Skyspace, a particularly striking piece by the renowned Californian artist James Turrell, which immerses the viewer in a work that plays on our notions of space and light. Unlike a conventional, regimented museum space, these installations allow you to engage with the work on a more intimate level. But there’s also an on-site art gallery and three design-oriented boutiques that showcase even
more exceptional works of craftsmanship.

A commitment to sustainability is integrated into every facet of the resort. To minimize its carbon footprint, Turrell used certified organic wood that was prefabricated to reduce construction waste. The 90 one- to three-bedroom Beach and Water Pool Villas, as well as the 20 Fari Studios, are all filled with a harmonious blend of subtle textures, matte tones and rustic earth hues.

Organic materials like rattan, linen, wood and stone merge interior and exterior spaces, while the unique floor-to-ceiling sliding window systems allow for abundant light from that tropical sun and flawless views we all crave.

In the same way that the accommodation spaces integrate seamlessly with the natural surrounds, personal experiences at this unique island haven flow seamlessly from moments of seclusion to creative inspiration. The lifestyle at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, encourages guests to follow their instincts towards whatever feels right in the moment. For those accustomed to the more limited dining options of far-flung resorts, the restaurant scene alone will be uniquely liberating.

All the fare is influenced by the wisdom of nutritionists, the creativity of rising local chefs and the deliberateness of the slow food movement. For those craving vegan and raw, Roots will delight the plant-based and plant-curious. Wok Society is all about delicious dim sum, Helios serves seafood-centric Greek cuisine, Kōen merges Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, Brasa celebrates South America, and roving vehicles like Tuk Tuk Gelato and Go Go Burger are always serving up decadent treats and burgers.

Then, take a stroll through the Fari Marina Village en route to cocktails at the inimitable Fari Beach Club – truly a destination in itself.

An elevated Maldivian resort experience, the Fari Islands archipelago celebrates craft, connection and nature. Comprised of three world-class hospitality brands, the Fari Islands invites guests to explore the archipelago and uncover an oasis of communal experiences.

For socially conscious, environmentally sensitive travelers, Patina Maldives is more than a means of escaping the world. It’s a way to return home feeling energized and ready to create.

Let us suggest you avail yourself for Patina’s Unveiling Offer, an opening package for two that pops off with a complimentary bottle of champagne on arrival after your complimentary luxury transfer to the island. Along with daily breakfast, all lunches or all dinners – you pick! – are included in the rate. Plus, enjoy a 60-minute massage, a snorkeling trip, and daily cocktails and canapés, among a host of other benefits. All this at 25 percent off when booking a four-night stay, and 30 percent off when booking five consecutive nights or more. The offer is valid for reservations from May 1 through December 19, 2021.

For the latest information on and inspiration by this exciting new brand, follow Patina Maldives on Instagram and Facebook.

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